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It's been a while.

When I first started blogging my outfits "properly", i.e. not on my laptop camera, all I required was a flat surface/low wall and my point and shoot camera's self-timer function. Since then, I've been pretty good at coercing or full on bribing people into taking the occasional photo, meaning those ten repositioning yourself seconds haven't happened for a while. Safe to say, I'm rusty at this malarky so there were plenty of outtakes. It's also a hell of a lot harder when there's a 50mm lens involved and your tripod is a precarious stack of boxes on a dining room chair, but that's the glamorous life of the fusshun blogger.

I know the obvious solution to dropping one of the most expensive items you own on the floor from the height of about 20 shoeboxes would be to arrange to meet up with a photographer. I know a lot of bloggers do this; it's good for both parties, and means you have fire content for your blog, other than the slightly out of focus photos you see above. But does that prospect make anyone other than me want to sort of shrivel up and die inside a little? I'm no model (cringe), look like a turd most days and there's no way I'd be able to pay, so realistically it's a waste of time, surely?

It's weird how so much has changed since I last used self-timer. Of course this goes without saying; from final year uni student to mid-level full-time employment, the only things that've stayed with me are my terrible repertoire of jokes, quite a few split ends, and me occasionally uploading something to this blog. There was that bit a couple of years ago where I uploaded so frequently because I thought that would be a Magic Formula for Something (who knows what?). But it's quite nice for things to come full circle: taking things back home, making things a little bit more personal, less polished, and just a bit simpler.

Also, it's really, really hard to take a decent photo of your back.

What I wore.

What's on Insta.


  1. Love this - I have many a fond memory of snapping outfit pictures via the self-timer but haven't done this for a while as blogging seems so professional these days that I rarely share my outfits unless I have someone else to take my photo. Sort of miss those early blogging days! x

    1. Totally agree Lily - everything I see seems so perfect that it really puts me off. Even my breakfast doesn't feel good enough to share some days which is crazy!

  2. omg this jumper is so damn cute!

    gah, how times have changed. i do miss snapping pictures in my room, balancing my camera on a pile of books, keeping my head out of shot...


  3. Okay.
    Can I just say how much I love how real this blog post is!
    Made me chuckle in the middle of the hairdressers. I completely agree about the professional photographer part.

    Your blog and Insta are easily in my top 5! Brilliant read.


  4. I do miss the good old days of blogging, it's too much like hard work now ;) Love this colour on you, so pretty!

    Maria xxx

  5. That's great! Nevertheless, I'd prefer some bright colors for the blouse. Don't you think it would be fancy?

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