Life Lately: Turning 25, Turning 2017 and Turning a New Leaf.

Quarter of a Century

Well, somehow I've made it 25 years without ending things a bit prematurely despite a couple of tequila-related close calls, so I guess some congratulations are in order. Late last year I hit the big two-five. No massive fireworks, no attention seeking spectacle (I hope), but a nice embarrassing round of happy birthdays from the guys at work, a card and present and a few cards in the post.

Our pal earth also had a birthday - tenuous link alert - and we hit 2017. Other than starting it with a stinking cold, the new year's got off to a pretty productive start and it looks like things are gonna be on the up with a couple of trips planned in and some preeeetty big life moments about to happen. 17's always been a favourite of mine, so I've got a good feeling about this one.

And while this has all been happening, I've neglected this little blog. Since starting it way back when in 2010, this online journal of sorts has covered my knobby phase, my I-listen-to-the-Smiths phase, my fuck-it-let's-move-abroad phase and my everything's-just-getting-too-much phase (or phases, let's be honest). But it looks like in my things-are-going-to-be-just-fine phase this blog didn't really have a place.

See, I guess I've never really done blogging the "right" way. I started it pre-surge, never really wanted it to be a career path, didn't network intensively and didn't hire a photographer to shoot multiple outfits in one go. As I got older, although this blog obviously does still centre around me, I've found it more and more of an uncomfortable subject, and don't get me started on the being in photos part. I've doing a lot of thinking, which I know can be a dangerous pastime, and I'm starting to reconsider what I think are the important parts of blogging part time. Instead of making sure there's fresh new content weekly, it's about time I let myself slip a little and think it's ok to let things lie low once in a while. Additionally, until I feel ok with having photos of myself on here again, it's time to dust off the camera and start being behind the lens properly.

If 2017's set to be a good one, then I full on plan to take it by the balls and prioritise the important stuff, meaning that there might not be hundreds of new posts but there will be little updates popping up here and there. Soz if you were after a post about how to wear blogger trends or fashion blogger hacks, but I guess that's just another example of crap blogging and feel free to keep reading for some more. Who knows, you might not get learn the angles to take a fire selfie, but you might have a laugh and we both know which is more fun.


  1. 25 is a great age! Also, nothing wrong with a bit of thinking - I'm in a similar position where I'd want to make sure that the blog is me and also doing it part time (and not wanting it to be my business but a hobby) it's not always easy, time-wise. Glad to have you back and looking forward to seeing more posts :)

  2. Good for you Rebecca - sometimes it's good to take stock and take a step back if need be. Have a wonderful 2017 doing whatever makes you happy x

  3. Looking super cosy in this look!

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  4. Good to have you back. I will always read your posts, no matter how sporadic - and much prefer a personal blog to having products I would never buy rammed down my throat.

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  6. That is a wonderful place and I do like the outfit you've chosen this time. I hope that you'll share some more information later.

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