My girl's got a city to run.

Vintage leather jacket: £17.50. Brandy Melville trouble maker t-shirt: €26. Topshop leopard print skirt: £38. Clarks two-tone sandals. Autumn Bloom small tote: c/o Cath Kidston.

As Fashion Month draws to a close, I'm just getting around to posting the one London Fashion Week event I went to - maybe I'm stuck in the past or maybe I'm rationing the rare times I get to take photos, you pick. I decided to shy away from Somerset House again this season in favour of spending time with friends, working and, you know, sleeping, but when an invite to Lulu Guinness' party popped into my inbox I did think it'd be the best way to dip my feet into my favourite fashion week of them all. Of course I did my best to represent the British high street in my usual way with a little pop of Cath Kidston print, vintage leather, Clarks not-school-shoes sandals and good ol' toppers (after heading to an embarrassing amount of stores to try and get this bloody skirt), although my favourite Brandy Melville t-shirt did end up muscling its way in somehow. It was amazing to finally meet Clare after we started our blogs around the same time, as well as spending the evening doing something outside of the ordinary - even if we did leave early to make sure we could get to Nando's before it closed!

In more current news, it's finally starting to feel like Autumn. I haven't actually ventured outside today as that means finally accepting that it's time to do something, but from the breeze sneaking its way through my slightly open window things definitely feel chillier. Autumn's my favourite time to dress for, said every blogger ever, but it does mean that I can leave my bronzer alone for the next six months as everyone else looks pale too - hooray! And, sorry if it's a sore spot, I managed to get my first ever Glastonbury tickets, so I'm starting to mentally prepare myself for the mother of all festivals: I. Can't. Wait.


  1. You're such a beauty Rebecca, so stunning! You always look wonderful, and your photography is beyond dreamy x

  2. Love these photos - the Cath bag is so cute! I went to my first Glastonbury this year and it was a total blast - well done on getting tickets! x

  3. Today was a definite coat day - the wind was so bad that part of one of our local churches fell off last night - oops! Love your outfit, I've had my eye on this bag as I really like the print, and I am glad you tracked that skirt down!

  4. Loving this, leopard and leather is the best combo ever xxx

  5. This is such a gorgeous outfit, I love that leopard print and lippie on you!

    Maria xxx

  6. Looking beautiful as ever, that skirt is amazing!


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