So I call your name, the only thing I know.

Vintage silk shirt: £1.99, via charity shop. Vintage leather midi pencil skirt: £3, via charity shop (similar). The Kooples leather jacket: not less than a fiver. Bally chelsea boots: £8, via charity shop. Patent bag: 20p, via charity shop.

Think of this post as an ode to the charity shop. It's been a while since I wore top to toe second hand, but a few weeks ago I found this leather pencil skirt for less than a Pret salad and it reminded me why I always end up heading back to those friendly little stores. As a student, my blog used to document my usual charity shop outfits, but when I moved to Munich things started to get more high street again. A quick browse of the rails of my local charity shop on the way to buy a pint of milk (a girl needs tea, okay) proved to me, yet again, that sometimes you need a little more than asos premier to find something a little special. Admittedly, I need to alter this pencil skirt a little, but where else would you find a real leather pencil skirt for such a tiny price tag?

I decided to debut this little number on a day trip to Ipswich, a town I hadn't visited for a good five years. It's an odd place, but I do appreciate its charm, even down to the statue of Cardinal Wolsey. Just a little bit outside of the town centre is this charming road of old buildings, so we found this suitably warm-toned bookshop to browse before dinner and snap a few photos of my new-to-me outfit. Now, to think of more places nearby to explore...


  1. That shirt is beautiful Rebecca! And the skirt - swoon. Absolutely perfect photos of those cute buildings too. Who would've thought Ipswich could look so good?!

  2. This skirt couldn't be more up my street if it tried!

  3. So beautiful Rebecca, you look stunning girl x

  4. Oh, I love the skirt and I have to admit, I miss the good old days of charity shopping - in my town it's almost impossible to get a bargain in them now.

  5. This skirt is awesome!I used to love charity shops but haven't been in ages, I think I need to pay them a visit!

    Maria xxx

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