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Photos by Carmen.

One sure-fire way to amaze your international colleagues is by turning up to work with a beehive. I'm always impressed when the spanish flip one of their potato-saturated omelettes with ease, the french make perfect crêpes on three hours sleep and a hangover, and the swedes manage to look effortlessly cool despite them living out of a suitcase. Us brits? Grab a can of hairspray and arm yourself with bobby pins. Even though I'm not proud to let this particularly messy day serve as an example, it certainly cheered up a few of my friends on an otherwise grey morning, and it's always good to brighten someone's day.

And it justifies bringing a massive can of hair spray to another country, right?


  1. So gorgeous Rebecca, that blouse is such a stunning colour x

  2. Love this look, you look beaut! Wish I could pull off a beehive x

  3. Love the beehive and the bee clips are a cute touch. I wouldn't know where to start!

  4. Your leather jacket is so gorgeous! And the beehive really suits you xx

  5. Faaab. I've never been able to do a beehive - my hair's too... slippy. Note to self: buy some cat eye sunglasses!

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  6. Super, super pretty! Love the colours together! Those sunglasses too are so chic!! x

  7. I love your hair, I would love to do mine like that. Also love your jacket.

  8. Looovin' the hair Rebecca, and your top is just perfect! Such a pretty colour x

  9. You are looking stunning. I am loving that blood red top! Recently I've been loving all things red :)

  10. I LOVE this look! The sunglasses, top, necklaces, hair and hair grips are all amazing - you look beautiful

    - Chloe. x


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