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Photos by Carmen.

Countdown: two weeks. Yesterday I checked-in for my flight home, had a quick phone interview and generally stressed even more about moving home before cooking dinner, and trying (in vain, I add) to relax a little. Thankfully it's May Day tomorrow and Germans celebrate it on the day itself so we're heading out for Nina's birthday and I can't imagine anything better than spending a day away from my computer screen.

I believe voting ends for the Company blog awards tonight too, so if you fancied voting for it's cohen in the "best personal style" section you'll have to do so soon!


  1. Eep, exciting to come home and start a new adventure, though?

  2. Gorgeous Rebecca, I'm just obsessed with your boots! Sounds like you've got an exciting new adventure on the horizon x

  3. You look gorgeous! Will miss seeing Munich in your background! Life gets hectic and crazy (also learning this the hard way) but life will be what it wants to be so I hope it's good to you and you keep calm and just keep carrying on!
    Nina from little nomad

  4. 2 weeks? I can wait that long! Let's plan a big party to welcome you back - though I know you're going to be missing Germany a lot. Make the most of it love! xxx


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