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Vintage floral blouse: 50p, charity shop. Asos petite high waist jeans: £28. Topshop monk shoes: old. Cara backpack: c/o Nica. Topshop "really ruby" lipstick.
Photos by Danielle.

I very nearly forgot about these photos, but a quick look through my (very full and overflowing, think post-Nando's) iPhoto library brought these to my attention. When I was home, Danielle and I went to our favourite breakfast spot and took these snaps when walking from the car into town; I like to call it car park chic. As I had a few bits and bobs to pick up, I thought it was high time I road-tested my new Nica backpack, which held four packets of percy pigs, a new memory card, my camera, and a jumper with plenty of room to spare, quite the novelty when it comes to my tendency for handbags. In addition to roomy bags, I also went for my new jeans which were the result of a rash asos order, and a blouse picked up by my mum in a charity shop sale for a mere fifty british pence.

As everyone at work is so kindly reminding me, I have three weeks left till I come back to the UK, and it's something I'll be in complete denial about until I book my flight back (which I should probably do soon...). I liked Munich from the day I arrived, but it feels like it's only really become a proper "home" in the past couple of months as I learn to walk all its back alleys and can give some really good restaurant recommendations. I've still got time to explore the rest of the Bavarian culture I'm yet to have sampled though, and that does mean I'm going to a beer festival in a dirndl - YES.

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  1. Don't leeeaaaaave us!! :-(

  2. You look lovely - I really want your hair! I love seeing your charity shop bargains :)

    - Chloe. x

  3. Such a lovely outfit, you look wonderful! I'm in love with the bag! x

  4. Love the blog! Keep up the amazing work! x
    do you want to follow each other's blogs on GFC?

  5. Enjoy the beer festival and that blouse is a bargain!

  6. I love this!! I also completely can't remember if I ever replied to your lovely comment, but do let me know if you're in Leeds/nearby anytime I'll happily show you around!xxx

  7. That backpack is SO CUTE! Love how the florals go together.

    x Michelle |

  8. DON'T BE IN DENIAL I'M COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS! But I know it'll be a little while until I see ya. Your blouse is lovely mate, what a bargain! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. I love your shoes! And please show us a piccie of you in your dirndl! xx


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