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autumn ootd
flaking paint on wood
christian louboutin nude pigalle heels
it's cohen
the kooples ladies leather jacket
marks and spencer burgundy suit
autumn outfit inspiration
autumn outfit accessories
topshop light blue blouse
Leather jacket: The Kooples. Crochet trim blouse: £38, Topshop. Jacquard trousers: £22.50, Marks and Spencer (black version here). Leather bowler bag: £43, Marks and Spencer. Nude heels: £75, Christian Louboutin, via charity shop. Faux fur scarf: £1, charity shop. Casio watch: c/o The Watch Hut.

Okay, I'm really sorry but I cheated a little with this outfit. However much I love these shoes, I just don't think my feet were cut out for wearing them to Morrisons, and swapped them for a pair of heeled boots. But just join me in pretending that I was actually on my way to a series of very important meetings in Canary Wharf rather than deciding whether a "trick or treacle" themed tin of Lyle's black treacle would end up in the trolly (FYI, it obviously did). Every outfit I post here is something that I've worn all day (or all night, whatever), but I really thought that these shoes deserved another outing post-graduation, and these burgundy trousers seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Paired with a non-seasonally appropriate but completely wardrobe necessary blouse, I feel like I'm channelling someone slightly cooler. Perhaps. Maybe we need to keep pretending...

I haven't completely glossed over Hallowe'en, oh no. I've absolutely loved reading everyone's posts showing off their costumes, but mine only turned up yesterday so I didn't have time to take photos - curses, ebay! I'll be sure to instagram shots from tomorrow night and Saturday rather than create a "proper" post as mine will never be able to beat the ones I've read about so far (have you seen Megan's? Cobweb-induced jealousy!), and I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone I'm seeing either night. But, just in case you're interested, here's what I've worn for the past three years. I hope you all enjoy yourself, whether that means a night in with whatever scary film's on channel 4, or being a nightmare in town!

PS, don't forget to enter to win a £50 F&F voucher here!


  1. looooovvve this outfit, deffs looking like you've walked out a kooples advert lady!
    can't believe you got those beautiful louboutins for £75, jealous of your thrifty ways
    hope you have a great halloween as well, my costume only arrived yesterday as well! xxxxxx

  2. Pretty pretty pretty! Love that bag too gorgeous x

  3. Looking lovely! I adore your trousers and, of course, your jacket! Have an amazing Halloween, I am sans plans this year, boohoo ):

  4. Your jacket is fabulous. Love the fur!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. Those trousers are well smart, I have to give them a mention.

    Buckets & Spades

  6. I HAVE THESE TROUSERS! Wish I looked as good as you in them though!

    Maria xxx

  7. Bloody Louboutins Cohen!! You designer minx you hahaha! I think you look incredible.

    The big day looms eh, am I going to see you before you go? And if not... BLOGGER HOLIDAY? :D

    <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. you're such a doll ms name twin! i love your m&s bowling bag - what a colour!



  9. Very sophisticated outfit!such a good,subtle mix of colours!:)

  10. I like your outfit, gives a nice combination of retro and smart,
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