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A few weeks ago (it was hot, so it feels like a lifetime ago), I made the ill-advised decision to wear my leather jacket on the northern line. Going to Old Street wasn't purely for the lols (although there were a lot of them over the course of the day), but it was to meet up with Sarah, Annie, Sherin, and Caroline, put on some totteringly high heels and have a day of dressing up with F&F. It was lovely to finally meet some of the bloggers I'd been following on twitter for a while, and we got on like we'd known each other for years, only stopping our chat when having lipstick applied. I would never go so far as to say I'm a model (and wouldn't want to be), but it's still a weird feeling playing the part, particularly having someone else do your make up when you've had the same winged eyeliner look for about five years. I can't thank the lovely girls from Tesco, Hannah the stylist, and Lisa the hairstylist for their encouragement and make up brush magic, nothing like an attack of self-doubt halfway through the day, is there? I thought I'd upload a few of the behind the scenes photos I took on the day (not to mention some of the amazing canapés we had at Lounge Lover that evening), and below is one of the final photos from the many that were taken.

Head over to the inspiration page to see more photos and what the other girls wore, or watch this short video and see me, um, flick my hair a lot.


After the shoot, I've found myself browsing through F&F's website and finding quite a few things that fit perfectly into my wardrobe (and I've received a fair few compliments on my hat from this post!). If you'd fancy winning a £50 voucher and getting some of this stuff for yourself, all you have to do is:
  • Follow this blog via GFC or Bloglovin'
  • Chose your favourite F&F Partywear item, and tell me how you'd style it in a comment below (don't forget to leave your email so I can contact the winner!)
The competition closes on 7th November at midnight, so I have enough time to pick a winner before I head off to Munich - good luck!

Leopard print jumper and high waisted skirt


  1. Rebecca you little stunner! Love the jumper in the last picture! If i win the voucher I'd love to buy the limited edition leather look dress. Can't go wrong with a bit of leather! My email s sophie.warner89@yahoo.co.uk

  2. you look amazing! i love the http://www.clothingattesco.com/playsuits+jumpsuits/f+f-lace-shoulder-playsuit/invt/bd323402/&bklist=icat,4,shop,partywear,womens-partywear lace playsuit as I'm not much of a dress girl! x

  3. You look amazing! Love Sarah's outfit too, a cute idea with the ribbon bow! x

  4. Also, is the giveaway entry meant to go here?! If so, I'm following on Bloglovin' (Sarah, FridayisForever), and I'd go for this! http://www.clothingattesco.com/dresses/f+f-leather-look-trim-lace-shift-dress/invt/bd322289/&bklist=icat,4,shop,partywear,wm-partywear-dresses Prettty easy to wear really, a little gold necklace and away we go :)

    fridayisforever@gmail.com and @jellypigs on twitter :)

  5. I had such an amazing day with you and the rest of the girls. Loved hanging out and you all looked fabulous.

  6. That second image is SOOO neat!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  7. Id love have the Slouchy Edge To Edge Cardigan right now. It snowed last night and it would work great with leggings, a comfy t, and some high boots

  8. Despite what you think about those shots, I think you look absolutely lovely. It's always weird being styled by other people (especially ones you've only just met) but it just shows how adaptable you are that you make it look as if these pieces are firm favourites. You star you! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. You are such a doll! All of your style posts always give me inspiration for future outfits. :)
    I love the F&F Velvet Side Ruche Dress. It makes me think of the song Blue Velvet by Lana Del Rey. I'd style it with lace-patterned tights, black pointy toed heels, and a mink stole in the back of my closet that I've been dying to wear!

    My e-mail is ToriSimpson711@gmail.com :)

  10. You look so pretty - I cannot express my love for your hair, it's so gorgeous!
    I'd choose the Eyelash Hem Lace Dress (in black) so that I could have a more versatile piece. On normal days I'd dress it with ankle boots (which I seem to wear all year round..), a burgundy boxed bag ( http://www.clothingattesco.com/f+f-boxy-tote-satchel/invt/bo321038/ ), and a black jacket. For parties I would style it with some simple black court shoes, an Accessorize clutch of my mum's and my favourite Accessorize heart pendant.
    Thank you for the chance and the lovely read!

    Email - chloe.r.wilson@aol.co.uk

  11. wow you look amazing! fluffy jumpers are so cosy.. I can imagine I'd be a bit unsure being thrust out of my comfort zone but you really do look fab. xx

  12. Hello legs! Looking lovely and it's so cool seeing the behind the scenes stuff, Hannah x

    Eve Wanted a Wardrobe

  13. You look gorgeous!

    I love this dress http://www.clothingattesco.com/dresses/ax-paris-lace-top-fitted-dress/invt/cz321586/&bklist=icat,4,shop,partywear,wm-partywear-dresses

    Following you via both means :)

    Email: the-deer-and-the-jennywren(@)hotmail(.)co(.)uk (sorry to be annoying but don't want to be spammed!)


  14. You all look gorgeous, and I'm so glad I found your blog - you have great style! I think I'd have to chose the F & F glitter court shoes - you can't have a christmas party without a bit of sparkle! I'd probably team them with a little white dress.


    Twitter - @prettydressgirl


  15. Love that outfit! Everything about this post looks like a lot of fun :) oh, and a lot of yummy ! xx

  16. well don't you look fudging amazing lady!
    i would chose the Eyelash Hem Lace Dress in red and style it with some black stroppy heels, my trench coat and a slick of red lipstick!

  17. Hey i love your blog!
    i would probably chose the burgundy eyelash hem dress. I hardly ever wear dresses so it would nice to have something quite pretty and feminine. Also theres far too much black in my wardrobe so burgandys a nice compromise! I love the detail on the dress and the way it can be dressed up or down for the occasion.
    My emails harisa@hellokitty.com xxx

    1. whoops forgot to say how I'd style it! probably a leather jacket and some doc martens to dress it down but then black acne heels (if i had them!) or topshop fake ones too dress it up! its quite a simple dress so you could go overboard with a big necklace or whatever x

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