Stop the world I wanna get off with you.

Stop the world I wanna get off with you.
carnaby street sign
tesco boots
fickle tattoos
Stop the world cos I wanna get off with you
Stop the world I wanna get off with you
london autumn ootd
Stop the world because I wanna get off with you
Striped tee: £7, H+M. Shorts: £69, Carven via Cricket. Leather jacket: The Kooples. Boots: £25, Tesco. Navy panama hat: £26, Urban Outfitters. Necklaces: Elsie Belle and vintage. "Ship happens" temporary tattoo: c/o Fickle.

Navy, stripes, and leather? I really am taking this autumn dressing to heart. I wore this ensemble for a trip along the central line to meet Charlie (her blog is wonderful and full of impeccable styling, definitely worth a click through!) for a wander round the shops and a bite to eat, before a night in with several episodes of Gossip Girl, ice cream, and pink wine - all in all, I make that a good day!

You may have noticed something peeking out of my sleeves... Don't worry, I haven't actually got a tattoo as I can barely make my mind up for a week, let alone make a decision about something so permanent, but it's one of Fickle Tattoo's temporary offerings. Warning: they don't like being rubbed against leather (hence why mine's come off slightly), but we wore them out on Saturday night and I've been told that my friend's is still going strong. I got mine off completely with a little of my make up remover's persuasion, so there's nothing to stop you inking (or, erm, dampening your skin) up. And I have to quickly mention these boots as, on their first wear, I managed to walk a fair amount of soho, then a trip to Westfield without so much as a blister or sore ankle - not too shabby for a teeny £25, is it?


  1. oh that temp. tattoo is so cool and so youuuu! i love it. i wish i could get a tattoo myself, but i know that i would never be a hundred percent happy with it, plus i'm a wimp so it would hurt me so darn much!

    i'm lovin' your hat too, you seem to be gettin' quite a collection ; )

  2. mmm those boots are BOOTILICIOUS (boom boom), can't believe they're Tesco! Also, you should get that tattoo, it looks like it belongs on your wrist x

  3. ooh those boots are pretty cool for a measly £25, deffo beats the Topshop ones! Love the hat too I recently got a similar one. xx

  4. You look wonderful Rebecca. I love your hat, and those boots are gorgeous! x

  5. Love this outfit, and the temp. tattoo is really cute - I'm way too indecisive for a proper tattoo as well.

  6. I really need to get a hat for my head this autumn. Hat envy!

  7. You look lovely! I did wonder if that was a real tattoo, it looks pretty though! x

    The Little Things

  8. Perfect boots, can't believe they are from Tesco! Lovely outfit!xo

  9. Those boots are so good for £25! I never would have guessed Tesco. Love the stripes and leather x

  10. I NEED that hat in both navy and black. And those eyebrows too - perfect! As if those boots are from Tesco!!?

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  11. Loving the pop of color in your hat, and these boots are just fabulous!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. those boots look so good with the rest of the outfit! and i love your photo of the 'welcome to carnaby street' sign...
    tanya xo

  13. There's that beautiful Kooples jacket again ;) It really is gorgeous, your Mum was so right to encourage you to get it! GET A REAL TATTOO GO ON GO ON! It's the best thing ever, though incredibly addictive once you have a grasp on what the pain level is like, ha <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  14. I think I'm fully in love with your leather jacket... Oh my god. So perfect! Loooove the stripes/leather combo, and I wish I could pull hats off as well as you! x

    Hannah / Je M'appelle Hannah

  15. You look fab here, very French! Can't wait to see you next weekend missus!

    Maria xxx


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