I am so ready for Autumn. The promise of Summer's intoxicating smell of Calippos and suncream (read: fake tan) is alluring as soon as the snow has turned a disgusting mixture of soot and wet, but the novelty wears off the moment people are politely reminded to keep their tops firmly on when going to the supermarket. In Britain, there's mass hysteria when people realise our week-long rays of sun are on the way, and it results in disposable BBQ sales rocketing and a lot of neon clothing. If there's a heatwave, not only is it front page news, but it becomes the public's excuse for dressing like they've come straight from V festival, only with curly blows and less mud. Now it's time to put that bum cleavage away, because it's leather weather.

I'm not entirely sure whether my above selections have been swayed by pre-destined trends decided by magazine editors over a good cuppa about three years ago, but all I know is that as the weather turns colder this year I'm looking to jewel tones, stacks of jewellery, and tortoiseshell accents. You'd think (I did, at least) that after finally taking the plunge and investing in a leather jacket I would be content with that, however I've just discovered BLK DNM's Karen Elson-fronted campaign and wouldn't mind adding the one I picked out to my collection. Other wardrobe staples include chelsea boots (I still miss my favourite pair) and a breton tee, but I'm trying to add more texture in the form of leather and lace to add interest to the muted palette which comes hand in hand with the colder months. I'm still on the lookout for the perfect winter coat too, so here's hoping I find that one pretty soon as it's set to get chilly as October rears its head. And, you know, any excuse for a hot chocolate is a good thing in my books.

Post written in collaboration with Avenue 32. All wishes for these to be in my wardrobe my own.


  1. That tortoiseshell bag is divine! Simply divine!

  2. That maxi dress is to die for, what an awesome colour!

    Maria xxx

  3. Loving your Autumnal selection. Chelsea boots are my trusty choice of footwear too and I agree with you that jewel tones make Autumn dressing more fun and colourful. x

  4. Oh, that wool coat! Swoon!
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

  5. Yeah big coats rule, glad that all the cheeks are going away.

  6. Great picks! I love the maxi dress and sunglasses, they're gorgeous :) xx


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