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Polkadot blouse: mum's, vintage Sarsaparilla. Leather skirt: £4, charity shop (similar here, and probably won't fall apart the first time you wear it). Two-tone flats: 50p, Russell and Bromley via ebay. Shopper bag: c/o Laura Ashley. Lipstick: Topshop Really Ruby.

Apart from the obligatory burger snaps, you may have noticed a few bloggers' instagrams had a slightly different backdrop than usual yesterday. Lucy, Kristabel, Carrie and I headed West to visit our pal Dina in her university city of Oxford. One of the most beautiful cities in the country, with undoubtedly some of the most awe-inspiring architecture around (yep, I'm the girl who walks round staring up at the buildings rather than looking where she's going), I couldn't wait to head back after my two years away. 

If you don't know much about the system at Oxford, applicants apply to a college rather than to the university as a whole, and each college has its own mini campus. Dina's at Lincoln, so we headed there first to have a wander around the quad and check out the Harry Potter-style dining hall (they actually filmed it down the road at Christ Church), which put my own university's carnatic halls to shame. We meandered around many of the city's colleges, including Magdalen (where my outfit photos were taken!), which has its own deer park, and New, home to some of the most colourful flower gardens I've ever come across. The location for our mandatory group shot (taken by the ever-patient Sonia) was underneath the bridge of sighs, which should probably be renamed the bridge of lols after the amount of failed jumping shots we attempted to take - you can't have everything, after all.

We probably needed the exercise after our lunch at Atomic Burger on Cowley Road. In true fashion, we piled in at peak time, and squeezed around a table with Dina's university friends. I sampled the Jake n Elwood (blue cheese, bacon, and onions), although I noticed a Messy Jessie and Bandit around our table. It's definitely worth popping into if you're in the area, even if only for the Barbie-themed toilets. We rolled (nearly literally...) into Pierre Victoire for dinner for something a little more refined, if that's how you classify eating with a knife and fork. Sadly we then went our separate ways into the night, after our day of being tourists. Looks like I'll be heading back soon though - we didn't even have time to go punting!


  1. I'm still yet to venture to Oxford - need to go soon as it looks lovely! Adore the leather skirt m'dear!

  2. You look so sophisticated Rebecca! I adore this outfit, you look wonderful! xx


  3. This is definitely my favourite post so far! I love all the photos and you look so so lovely. I've always wanted to visit Oxford but still haven't got round to it!

    Tanya xo

  4. Lovely photographs. Cute outfit, love anything polkadot:)

  5. Oh my gosh! This is just gorgeous <3
    The photos are dreamy, and you look as lovely as ever xx

  6. I love this outfit so much - you have such a beautiful and inspiring style! It looks like a wonderful place and I'm a sucker for architecture too. I couldn't help but feel at your 5th photo that they must have been some well fitted shoes for you to feel comfortable like that - I'm a little to clumsy for such feats!

    Chloe. x

    1. Thank you so much Chloe, it's amazing what you can find in charity shops (and your mum's wardrobe!). Trust me, that thought went through my mind more than once, and I was glad I didn't fall in myself! x

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  8. You all look gorgeous! Love your coat too, it's so nice seeing all your other photos from your trip too - I'd love the visit Oxford x

    The Little Things

  9. I could go on and on about how beautiful your photos always are. Nice to see all my fave blogger babes in one post too! :)


    Sade XO

  10. You all look lovely and I need your outfit, you look stunning!

    Maria xxx

  11. Beyond inspiring! your outfit, as always - but also the backdrop. It couldn't be more English of me but I will genuinely never tire of Oxford, in real life or in photos! Dreamy x


  12. I've been looking for a pencil length leather skirt for ages such a bargain find - I'm very jealous.

    Jazzie x

  13. Wow, these photographs are so nice! You look lovely and I love the leather skirt


  14. I love that top on you and it is great with that coat too. Looks like a fabulous time!

  15. You know, I feel ashamed that I've been living in Oxford for 9 months now and I have no idea where this is. My local knowledge is so shocking! I really do desperately need to explore more.
    Atomic Burger has been on my to-go list as well for bloody ages, but I have managed to go to Pierre Victoire for my work's Christmas do, so I don't feel completely useless!

  16. I also need to do a Rossetti tour- feel free to join me if you'd like! We could go round and be sad and fangirl.

  17. This setting is so beautiful, I love exploring universities/campuses! And your outfit is so classy and elegant!

    Xo, Hannah


  18. I've never been to Oxford, really need to change this. Cardiff Uni has some lovely listed buildings though x

  19. Oh my gosh, you are SO gorgeous! Give the rest of us a break... This outfit is beautiful.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  20. I love your outfit. It looks so sophisticated. I've never been to Oxford but its always been on my list of places to visit. X

  21. Awww I love Oxford! It's such a great place to visit, did you go to Pieminister? Love that polkadot shirt too... I need one in my wardrobe! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  22. Amazing post! Love your pics and outfit!


  23. Wow Oxford looks amazing, really hope to visit when i move to London next year. Love your outfit as well, very elegant! x


  24. Looks like such a fab day! xx


  25. Good to see the winter coats out once again.

  26. I've never been to oxford ut would love to one day. The buildings look like it hold such history.


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