I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain.

Rainy ootd duck umbrella rain ready outfit laura ashley necklace laura ashley trenchcoat polka dot umbrella laura ashley trench rainy outfit vintage bally chelsea boots rainy ootd
Trench coat: c/o Laura Ashley. Blouse: £4.50, Jack Wills, via charity shop. Pencil skirt: £1.50, Jigsaw, via charity shop (I know, I need to sew the hem up!). Chelsea boots: £8, Bally, via charity shop. Umbrella: mum's (similar here). Necklace: c/o Laura Ashley. Rings: Topshop and vintage. Nail varnish: rainy day, Topshop.

This blog is slowly but surely turning into a series of weather observations, but when you're British that's hardly surprising - it's a bit soggy, isn't it? Although I can never be bothered to carry an umbrella round as they're so encumbering when wet, sometimes I'll have to admit defeat, particularly when I came across my mum's old Mary Poppins style duck umbrella. Underneath its boughs (or, um, metal rods) I wore a classic trench coat, which Laura Ashley asked me to style up, along with four other bloggers. It's hardly difficult to decide what to wear with something as classic as a trench, particularly as the camel goes with pretty much everything. I chose a completely charity shop ensemble (coming to a grand total of £14!), keeping the palette muted to show off the piece I entitled my "raindrop" necklace. I mean, if you're going to go with a theme, you might as well go 100%.

I also had a chat with the Laura Ashley girls about the new furniture collections a while back, so feel sure to click through and listen to me rambling about chandeliers!


  1. You look wonderful Rebecca! The colour of your skirt is lovely, and i love that coat! x


  2. What Charity shops are you shopping in... these are blooming marvellous :)

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the coat. Pretty skirt, too. You just look so great.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. You did well to get all those pieces from charity shops, the brolly is particularly nice looking.

  5. I defy anyone living in the British Isles to not be even a little obsessed with the weather! I'm also a little obsessed with your umbrella :) Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Jo x

  6. You really can;t go wrong with a classic trench! LOVE your commitment to the theme too, that raindrops necklace is brilliant :)

    Maria xxx

  7. Love your outfit x


  8. Seriously what lovely photos, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog as i have now been introduced to your lovely blog!
    I'm loving this autumnal english weather right now :)



  9. I love your polkadot umbrella and classic trench- you always look so polished! And this scenery is just beautiful.

    Xo, Hannah



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