When at Somerset House...

it's cohen - UK style blog: london fashion week, lfw, SS13, somerset house, union jack, union flag it's cohen - UK style blog: london fashion week, lfw, SS13, somerset house, spijkers en spijkers, catwalk it's cohen - UK style blog: london fashion week, lfw, SS13, somerset house, dina, she loves mixtapes, shelovesmixtapes, street style 
The Union Flag atop Somerset House
Two of my favourite looks from Spijkers en Spijkers
Dina from She Loves Mixtapes getting papped 

... do as the fashionistas do!

Don't get me wrong, I abhor the word "fashionista" (and I use the expression lightly), but London Fashion Week is such an overblown and preposterous affair that it seems the only one applicable to those who flock to the Strand twice annually to sample what the capital of quirk and cool has to offer. Or you can sit on a bench at the sidelines and cheer on your favourites when you see two beheeled editors running to the show space with only a few minutes to spare.

I adore the atmosphere in the centre of the courtyard; I doubt it can be replicated anywhere else at any other time. The exhibition is always impeccably curated - the French Sole and Kate Sheridan showcases were two particular favourites - the close proximity of designers often ensuring that their finest selection is on display, the tables being an overload of aesthetic lavishness that doesn't quite transfer to the shopfloor anywhere other than the lush New Bond Street flagships.

But, of course, attention is focused upon the shows and presentations of SS13 collections. Friday's personal highlights were Maria Grachvogel and Bora Aksu (see bottom photo): the former revealing jumpsuits that even little Cohen could see herself in, and the latter had big hair and crowns fit for the pastel creations worn beneath. Despite the rail replacement's best efforts, I managed to get to Freemason's Hall for the Vauxhall Fashion Scout's Ones to Watch show, which is the one I had been most eagerly anticipating as everything would be new. I do like established designers, but once you've seen a Burberry trench coach, there's only so much you can do (which, apparently, means creating a ridiculously expensive peacock feathered version). Charlotte Simpson's glitter contrasted Ming Pin Tien's intricately laced corsetry perfectly, with Hellen Van Rees sending her models onto the catwalk with things that looked suspiciously like weetabix attached to their heads...

it's cohen - UK style blog: london fashion week, lfw, SS13, somerset house, street style, rebecca cohen,  it's all cohen it's cohen - UK style blog: london fashion week, lfw, SS13, somerset house, street style, rebecca cohen, it's all cohen 
Navy dress: £12, Clothing at Tesco. Floral collared blouse: £2, charity shop. Butterfly brooch: gift, vintage. Skull bracelet: £11, Alexa Chung for Made, via ebay. Leather envelope clutch bag: Luella, via ebay.

It wouldn't be true Fashion Week coverage if I didn't show you a little bit of what I was wearing myself! I'm not the kind of person who likes being in front of another's camera, so dressed rather sedately in comparison to the other teddy bear adorned persons. Thank you to Dina for taking my photos - such a novelty to not have to hurry backwards and forwards with my self-timer!

I have another post coming up that's not technically to do with Fashion Week, but you may have seen me tweeting about what I got up to between stints at Somerset House, and it was equally exciting, so keep your eyes peeled (or stick with a sixties eyeliner flick, that's quite okay too).


it's cohen - UK style blog: london fashion week, lfw, SS13, somerset house, bora aksu, catwalk, modern garden
Saying goodbye to Bora Aksu


  1. I seriously think you are the sweetest. And the way you dress is absolutely beautiful.x

  2. I always associate triangles with hipster but DAMN! I need that skirt! It's definitely not hipster. Really liked this post - very well written :)


  3. Abselutely love your blouse and your Luella clutch is adorable! LFW sounds so exciting but also a competitive fashion environment by the sounds of it! ox

  4. You look so so beautiful! Amazing photos <3<3

  5. your outfit its so adorable!!! xxx

  6. Lovely photos!

    I really like your blouse - such a pretty print.


  7. those patterns are my fave too!
    you always look amazing! love your lips :)
    wait what do you work as again? you are so in trend!

  8. Ah you look lovely, I especially love your bag!

    Maria xxx

  9. I agree, being in the Court Yard is amazing, there's no feeling like it. Especially when you're running around like a headless chicken trying not to miss a show. And you look gorgeous! Love the floral collar and can't believe thats a Tesco dress! And if someone hadn't taken photos of me I would have cried...tripod was never going to fit in that back of mine....

    Gemma x


  10. I love the vintage blouse :) Dina looks fab too. I enjoyed people watching, and counting how many people got their heels stuck in gratings... (also not sure how I wasn't following you before, I was so sure I was, weird) xxx

  11. Love the shirt and its pattern! LFW look like a fun event to go

    The Young Bridget Jones


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