How to wear the military trend.

You can guarantee that when my friends see a little flimsy dress in a shop they'll define it as a "Cohen Dress". Peter Pan collar mandatory. Yet, when Voucher Codes got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago they set me a challenge pretty far out of my comfort zone. By simply sticking your head inside any high street store you'll see the distinctive areas marked out for each of Autumn's looks, and the one assigned to me was the military trend. With a budget of £80 to purchase three items, my thrifty student arose, and here's what I found when scouring the Liverpool high street (yep, I'm back!).

On a night out.

it's cohen - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, AW12, ootd, how to wear the military trend it's cohen - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, AW12, ootd, how to wear the military trend it's cohen - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, AW12, ootd, how to wear the military trend 
Mustard blouse: £14.40 (with 10% discount), Pop Boutique.
Paisley shorts, Glamorous UK. Bag: vintage. Elephant necklace: New Look. Watch: Roatry. Heels: New Look.

Can you really beat an oversized blouse? I'm pretty sure that this was originally from the men's section, but with the sleeves rolled up and tucked into teeny shorts, I reckon this'll work perfectly when you hit the town during freshers. Or any other time of year, I shan't discriminate.

  On a date.

 it's cohen - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, AW12, ootd, how to wear the military trend it's cohen - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, AW12, ootd, how to wear the military trend 
Khaki jersey dress: £23.40 (with 10% discount), Topshop.
Pink silky collar blouse: American Apparel. Rabbit necklace: Topshop. Black heeled boots: Topshop. Glitter clutch: Topshop.

Who said miltary can't be girly? This outfit stands in the liminal space between girl-next-door and punk-rock badass (I tell myself), just make sure the person you're meeting is still taller than you in your killer heels. If they're not, then reassess whether you really need to meet up with them.

To a gig.  

it's cohen - UK Style and Fashion Blog: what i wore, AW12, ootd, how to wear the military trend
Military jacket: £22.49 (with 10% discount), New Look.
Arctic Monkeys t-shirt: Don Valley Bowl. Indigo jeans: Topshop. Leopard print boots: Topshop. Skull bracelet: Made, via ebay. Bag: my wardrobe... somewhere.

As if you need any excuse to bring out your favourite band t-shirt! Channel side stage gals like Suki Waterhouse and Breana McDow with a little bit of loyalty, and what my friend calls my "Miles Kane Boots" (YES). Let's be honest, you'll garner more attention than the frontman.

 Even though the phrase "military trend" made my lace ankle socks quake in their boots, I'd like to think I managed to integrate it into my wardrobe without too much upset. Mission complete!



  1. Love those boots and love Miles Kane. Three good looks which have inspired me to try a trend that I wrote off, not normally my thing at all xx

  2. Love the look on a night out. It's so great. The shorts are so lovely.

    thanks a lot for your comment!

  3. All of these outfits are gorgeous; I particularly love the gig one! You look lovely as always.

    Emily Wears Things

  4. You rock it to perfection! I like the watch, it is a good addition to the outfit, details matter :-)

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. Looooove! You've styled everything so well, as always!xxx

  6. Love all the outfits, especially your gig one! :)

  7. Missing the Liverpool high street too much. Oxford Street doesn't compare in my opinion! Love the last outfit the most, almost makes me one to get a military style jacket but all my nude shirts are calling too loudly so I reckon I'll just to stick to something closer to your first outfit x

  8. I love the military trend at the moment :) gorgeous outfits !

    Beautiful Dreams

  9. That jacket at the end is so nice... however I am currently skint after going to Paris last weekend, don't get paid until the 10th dammit!

  10. Well I think you've managed to adapt this trend to your style perfectly. Got me lusting after an oversized khaki shirt now! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. Whoa, this actually suits you! I like 1 and 3 best, that jacket looks really (!!!) good on you! :o

  12. looks like you did tip top, quite good to get 3 outfits from £80. enjoying the cars in the background weirdly

  13. I salute you.. (get it?! hahaha NOT FUNNY, I AM TERRIBLE) but hello youare pulling off this look so well, so much that i want to rock out the shorts and oversized shirt right about now.xx

  14. You look amazing, especially in the last outfit! (PHWOAR!)

    Maria xxx

  15. I love all of these outfits but my favourite is definitely the first. It is totally amazing!

  16. Great post !

    Love your style and see you as such as good inspiration :) !

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  17. great outfits!
    check and join:)

  18. Your blog is fab. Looking forward to reading more.
    I could've done with 'girly military' yesterday - I had to drive a tank!

    le fresne x

  19. Your night out outfit is pretty much perfect! I can't think of an outfit I want to wear more now that 'winter is coming'

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