The Apartment.

Black granddad collar blouse: £1.50, vintage Next, via charity shop. Truffle corduroy circle skirt: £15, American Apparel, via ebay. Black heeled Chelsea boots: £60, Topshop. Black leather belt: 20p, charity shop. Cameo necklace: £1.25, charity shop. Black clutch bag: £15, charity shop. Black Rotary watch: gift. Lipstick: Topshop Mischief.

As you walk away from Somerset House, you notice the atmosphere nosedive. There’s still a palpable excitement at Freemason’s Hall where Fashion Scout shows are held, and various other locations across the Capital host one-off events throughout the whole of London Fashion Week. Yet I spent a weird amount of time in Covent Garden (and that’s not including The Last Nando’s before my friend headed off on her Erasmus year). Abi noticed the distinct lack of amenities provided for bloggers over the past few seasons, and she took it upon herself to supply a solution. And boy, did she. When she first got in contact, I assumed it’d just be a room with a place for you to plug in your MacBook, but The Apartment even provided the computers for you. Obviously, food was the main incentive, my particular favourite being the vegetable biriyani provided by Cinnamon Soho, but special mention to Aubaine for presenting the best meal of the day: afternoon tea. I honestly cannot imagine a world where someone believes that they have had “too many” macarons.

1. I didn't realise there were so many types of make-up - thanks Becca
2. iya Ngoni
3. Post "makeover": hair by Wella, face by Becca
4. BFFFW (Best Friends For Fashion Week, lol jk, fo lyf). I stole the photo from Ngoni.

It simply wouldn’t be Fashion Week without the tiniest mention of “fashion”. Sadly I missed out on presentations by Forever 21 and Penhaligon's, but I had plenty of fun dressing up in a few of the garments ebay had picked out, and the lovely girls at Stylistpick even decided to “interview” (can I really say that?) me, which you can read here. Ngoni was a mega babe and took some outfit photos for me on the balcony – check out the killer view! – before I sampled Becca Cosmetics’ spread and Wella sorted out the mess atop my head. Would it be too P'Trique to call them lifesavers? Regardless, The Apartment was the more chilled part of London Fashion Week, and I’ve my fingers crossed Abi decides it’s worth the stress next season! And, if the stress isn’t worth it, the drawer full of jellybeans probably will be.


ps, sorry for my sporadic posting recently. I'm back in Liverpool but am currently without internet at home, and I find it a bit weird to write blog posts in the library (just me?). I hope you're all well, and sorry for not leaving long, rambling, and pointless blog comments. I can kinda reply to tweets on my cheaptastic plastic phone, so I can pretend I'm in the twenty-first century between Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite texts. But for now I am going to head into town to buy provisions for tonight (shout out to the Rodney Street gals!), and eat hummus. Leave your life update as a comment, and I will read with mirth whilst surrounded by unnecessarily stressed freshers.


  1. well there you go, you get a room. i've heard a few people saying they're getting disinterested with fashion weeks and what no. i wouldn't know!

  2. Your post-makeover hair looks looovely. If I'd had my blog when I was at uni I think it would have made my library productivity levels fall even lower than they already were. Although it would have stopped me from making quite so many paper aeroplanes I suppose...
    Kaz x

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  4. I also find it weird blogging in the library, no worries! Fashion Week looks fun! Glad you had a good time.

  5. Wow you look amazing!!!!

  6. Photos are incredible, and you look amazing. Just found your blog and am in complete love with it. Following :)

  7. You look gorgeous, aw Fashion Week sounds really good, glad you had a good time!

    dozen dresses

  8. You look lovely, I am jealous of your uni time! :( I used to hate blogging in the library, people must have thought I was a crazy narcissist ;)

    Maria xxx


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