Hello, my only one.

The Kooples leather jacket. A-line skirt: c/o Fashion Union. Oasis Lily knit: £3, via sample sale. Vintage bag: gift from Jazmine. Clarks loafers. Vintage tippet: £1, charity shop. Jana Reinhardt and Topshop rings.

It's pretty chilly out, isn't it? Where I live we had a grand two minutes of snow yesterday, but that doesn't mean the air was any kinder. With clear blue skies and the bitter winds which accompanied it, my mum and I headed out for a bite to eat and sat in a cosy sunbathed corner looking over rolling countryside. This does sound incredibly picturesque (it was, and the food was good), but that did mean wearing two coats to counter the length of the sparkly mini skirt and having flushed cheeks even in one of the rare moments I hadn't done anything embarrassing, I promise.

This week looks set to be a good'un. From dinner with work at Dishoom to a belated birthday bash with my babes at Sushi Samba (if only that started with a B too), I've got plenty of excuses to not let blue Monday get to me tomorrow, because if a formula is telling me I'm going to be sad, I'm going to try with all my might to make sure that it's the best day ever. Take that science.

We go hideaway in daylight, we go undercover when under sun.

Topshop oxblood jumper: £36. Topshop tapestry skirt: £20. Zara navy coat: £30. Bally Swiss chelsea boots: £8, charity shop. Marks and Spencer floppy hat: £15. New Look faux leather backpack: £23. Barry M gelly nail varnish in Cardamom.

That's it - the first week back of 2015 is over! Resetting those body clocks back to pre-sunrise hours has meant a week consisting mainly of jeans and stripy tees (I've learned to never ever trust sartorial decisions made in the early hours), coffee and maybe a treat - or two! I hope yours got off to a happy, if slightly sleepy, start. Thanks for all your well-wishes on last week's post about my cold, it's so nearly gone right now, so things are already looking up, and making plans with friends for the next few months is definitely giving me an extra incentive to boil the kettle for another lemsip.

In our typical Saturday fashion (i.e. grab a map, point, go), I spent my day in Maldon. With its high street of tea rooms and charity shops, there's no better place to while away an afternoon, before taking shelter from the biting winds in a cosy pub overlooking the river Blackwater. It was as different a day as possible to my last blog post there, but I managed to hold onto my hat and see in the weekend with the golden hour.

When you know you ain't getting any younger.

Primark check coat: £30. Topshop scallop collar blouse: gift. Warehouse denim skirt: £2, sample sale. Bally chelsea boots: £8, charity shop. Marks and Spencer leather bag: £43. Hobbs leather bracelet: £20. MAC "ravishing" lipstick. Barry M "Paprika" gelly nail varnish.

Hello, 2015!

My New Year's Eve was spent at Harry's in London with Jazmine and the Jetts (it's a boyband waiting to happen) and a playlist so carefully curated with 90% of Bowie's back catalogue that we almost forgot to keep an eye on the clock for midnight. After the last few years' efforts, this laid-back approach to seeing in the new year was a welcome change - even if it did mean I didn't get McNuggets on the way home. A few days later it would appear my body's finally decided to let the cold that started over Christmas take a proper hold*, and I'm sipping a lemsip with every full stop. *slurp* So instead of heading to the gym, I'm planning to spend the day in bed with endless cups of tea and catching up on blogs new and old (leave your links in a comment below!) - I'm not sure what happened to that healthy fresh start, but I do kind of like it! Sniffles excluded, obviously.

* These photos were obviously not taken today, where I am currently sporting a rather fetching pyjama set and dressing gown combination - #ootd come at me. 

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