Growing a pair.

Benefit Brow Zings: £24.50's worth of need-this-in-your-life, surrounded by stuff you probably don't need.

As it was Valentine's day yesterday, it only seems apt to talk about the most important couple in my life (after Breana McDow and Matthew Helders, of course): eyebrows.

It's hardly a surprise that the girl who spends a large proportion of her life between Essex and Liverpool has a fascination with the face framers, but it took me until the age of twenty-one to realise just how crucial the bad boys were to making your face look just so. After watching Jazmine painstakingly paint hers on using all manner of techniques including spit, I thought there had to be some kind of worth to this massive exertion of effort. I popped into the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, came out with a little grey bag containing Benefit's Brow Zings, and I've never looked back.

At just under £25 this isn't exactly cheap, but if you consider I used it nearly daily for a year and a half before it ran out the cost per use is minimal. It comes with two brushes (which are a bit naff, but I'm yet to find ones I like enough to replace them with), teeny tweezers, a subtly-coloured wax to be applied first and a powder to fill in your brows with afterwards. I use the light shade, and have got no idea who dark is aimed at, as this one's pretty deep. Since Eloise wrote her review, they've changed the wax formulation to it having hardly any pigment, so you needn't worry about it being too red-toned for you.

The first time I tried things out things didn't go too successfully. Since, I've learned that I prefer a much thinner arched shape, which extends outwards, this being quite a good example. I'm hardly an expert at it, but would recommend cleaning your brushes regularly as product build-up means it can be pretty tricky to get the exact shape you want.

If I can stick with something for two years and not have any inclination to look elsewhere, it's clear that this is true love - and who am I to play with brows at this time of year?

Barry had a record store.

Oasis stripy top: £18 (incl. staff discount). Vintage mom jeans. Oasis Camden chelsea boots: £40.80 (incl. staff discount). Brit Stitch half pint. Little Nell key necklace.

When you're a few lemsip down, have multiple packets of tissues on the go and you've had to save your make up due to a sneezing post-mascara scenario (am I the only one?), it's not time to start pulling on your fanciest frock. Instead, go for the most-worn and fail-safe combination in your wardrobe: stripes and denim. Hey, you may not be Françoise Hardy wearing stripes in, um, a bush, but it's a notable step up from pyjamas, so we all know who's winning here. Add in some brand new chelsea boots, nail varnish that feels a billion times brighter than you do and some layers very close to hand, and you've got yourself a leaving the house situation.

Due to rail replacement (can I have a "hell no"), my mum and I decided to head to Billericay so that I could avoid the seventies on wheels for one leg of my journey to Waterloo. Billericay, of Gavin and Stacey fame, is one of those towns I never seem to visit, despite the joy it can provide. I went relatively recently for dinner and drinks with friends, but it was the first time I'd seen the high street in daylight for years, and we were pleasantly surprised to find a record shop come café with Mayer Hawthorne posters and plenty of cake. We whiled away the afternoon with cups of tea and eavesdropping conversations ("...and that's when he pulled on his coat and left the courtroom!") before receiving a whatsapp saying everyone was similarly ill and it was perfectly ok to return home, put the PJs back on and tune in to Take Me Out.

Till next rail replacement, Billericay - see you next weekend.

Underneath the eggshells.

Finally getting the Boots disposable camera developed that Clarity bought me last year.

Although I love how much my blog's photography has improved over the past few years, sometimes it doesn't hurt to get back to basics. When I first started blogging, I didn't have a digital camera (let alone a DSLR), so most of my posts were accompanied with photos from disposable cameras, and I've got a shoebox filled to the brim with printed-off photos on my windowsill. I know I say it all the time, but I will get back into the habit of carrying one around with me and share them here, as it's not all glossy HD shots and perfectly positioned flat lays, however pretty they look.

I hope you all had a lovely January, and here's to February getting off to a good start!
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