When you know you ain't getting any younger.

Primark check coat: £30. Topshop scallop collar blouse: gift. Warehouse denim skirt: £2, sample sale. Bally chelsea boots: £8, charity shop. Marks and Spencer leather bag: £43. Hobbs leather bracelet: £20. MAC "ravishing" lipstick. Barry M "Paprika" gelly nail varnish.

Hello, 2015!

My New Year's Eve was spent at Harry's in London with Jazmine and the Jetts (it's a boyband waiting to happen) and a playlist so carefully curated with 90% of Bowie's back catalogue that we almost forgot to keep an eye on the clock for midnight. After the last few years' efforts, this laid-back approach to seeing in the new year was a welcome change - even if it did mean I didn't get McNuggets on the way home. A few days later it would appear my body's finally decided to let the cold that started over Christmas take a proper hold*, and I'm sipping a lemsip with every full stop. *slurp* So instead of heading to the gym, I'm planning to spend the day in bed with endless cups of tea and catching up on blogs new and old (leave your links in a comment below!) - I'm not sure what happened to that healthy fresh start, but I do kind of like it! Sniffles excluded, obviously.

* These photos were obviously not taken today, where I am currently sporting a rather fetching pyjama set and dressing gown combination - #ootd come at me. 


  1. I had a laid back one too this year and to be honest, I preferred it to a lot of years where I've gone out! Maybe I'm getting old.. Ha!
    Sad to hear you're ill! I've got it too and have been avoiding the healthy eating onset for that little bit longer cause I love all the carbs - and chocolate- but whatever I'm ill.
    Anyway, hope you feel better asap!


  2. feel better. i was ill over most of the festive period. sucks! xxxx www.ecorbinmckenzie.blogspot.com xxx

  3. Always such a pleasure to see a new blog post of yours pop up! Hope you feel better soon lovely!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! I cannot believe how cheap your boots and skirts were - I wish I was that good at finding bargains!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  5. Lovely outfit, I adore that coat. Happy New Year my lovely xx

  6. Happy new year girl! You look amazing, that coat is one insaneee piece! x


  7. You look really lovely, that coat looks super cosy! I spent over a week trying to recover from a nasty cold that started on the first day of Christmas, still have the sniffles though. Hope you feel better soon Rebecca, make sure to get plenty of rest! Happy New Year to you, hope 2015 is an amazing one x


  8. Happy New Year, Rebecca! Hope you feel better soon! x

  9. great outfit, you look fantastic! hope you feel better soon :)


  10. Hope you feel better soon, I love this outfit, that skirt is lush!

    Maria xxx

  11. Well this outfit is lovely! That coat is great. Xo
    Sarah-Jane // http://www.vmgirl.me/


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