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it's cohen: uk style blog - liverpool fashion bloggerit's cohen: uk style blog - liverpool fashion bloggerit's cohen: uk style blog - liverpool fashion bloggerit's cohen: uk style blog - liverpool fashion bloggerit's cohen: uk style blog - liverpool fashion bloggerit's cohen: uk style blog - liverpool fashion blogger
Playsuit: £22.50, Topshop. Blouse: Miss Selfridge (old). Battered chelsea boots: Topshop (old). Watch: gift, Rotary. Necklace: gift, Urban Outfitters. Satchel: c/o Stylistpick. Lipstick: Mischief, Topshop.

The weather is dull, so I tried to liven things up with a Cat-inspired jumping photo, but ended up looking rather foolish on my own - you can't blame a girl for trying.

The monotony of third year reading lists was broken on Saturday by celebrating Sita, Steph, and Beth's respective twenty-firsts - so I'd love to wish them a massive happy birthday from here too. I wore this playsuit with mega-heels for the occasion, but here's how I wear it during the day: A* for versatility. I'm not sure if it actually suits me, but I adore the print, and everyone has to make sacrifices at some point (the things we do for "fashion", eh?). This week's plan revolves around reading (big surprise), and maybe the Royal Tenenbaums. Speaking of, here's my attempt to take a Wes Anderson style shot...


Library Pictures

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Sorry if you follow me on twitter, I got a bit overexcited when sharing this shoot I photographed and styled for the Tab. Following on from the Spotted craze, I thought the best place to locate our efforts would be the library, so we took over a toilet this morning and spent a while snapping away and confusing the other students who were being a bit too studious for a Saturday morning. The wonderful Taylor (click through to her blog!) and Amy were the best models I could've wished for, considering this was my first attempt at being a "photographer". So, this may not be my usual kind of post, but I am a little proud that I'm pushing myself to try something new.


One way or another.

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"Horror" tee: £9, Topshop. Leather skirt: £13.50, Topshop. Boots: Stylistpick. Denim jacket; £63, NW3 by Hobbs. Scarf: £8, ebay.

Is this... sunshine? It's a deceptive springtime. I left the flat in this getup, only to find that it is certainly not warm enough for just a denim jacket, and had my hands balled into little fists inside the pockets for warmth - I never learn. Still, after a lecture on Barbie, Georgia, Clarity and I headed somewhere warm for a roll and cupcake (malteaser!) and a moan about how much work we're all collectively avoiding.

Which, in a rather convoluted way, brings me onto this t-shirt. Tapping into my inner Goth (I never had a proper phase, so this is my mini rebellion), I indulged in this "horror" t shirt in Topshop's January sale, and I am making sure I don't wear it all the time, for fear of looking like some oddball trying to relive their teenage years. I do, however, like how I've styled it completely differently to Lily - and this is why t-shirts are the best things ever, and no one ought to argue against that.

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