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"Horror" tee: £9, Topshop. Leather skirt: £13.50, Topshop. Boots: Stylistpick. Denim jacket; £63, NW3 by Hobbs. Scarf: £8, ebay.

Is this... sunshine? It's a deceptive springtime. I left the flat in this getup, only to find that it is certainly not warm enough for just a denim jacket, and had my hands balled into little fists inside the pockets for warmth - I never learn. Still, after a lecture on Barbie, Georgia, Clarity and I headed somewhere warm for a roll and cupcake (malteaser!) and a moan about how much work we're all collectively avoiding.

Which, in a rather convoluted way, brings me onto this t-shirt. Tapping into my inner Goth (I never had a proper phase, so this is my mini rebellion), I indulged in this "horror" t shirt in Topshop's January sale, and I am making sure I don't wear it all the time, for fear of looking like some oddball trying to relive their teenage years. I do, however, like how I've styled it completely differently to Lily - and this is why t-shirts are the best things ever, and no one ought to argue against that.

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  1. ow i'm still waiting for the day it's warm enough for a denim jacket! love your scarf too :) ox

  2. Great outfit!
    Katie xx

  3. You look awesome! Such a great outfit! xxx

  4. I've made the same denim jacket mistake in the past few days, definitely not warm enough yet! x

  5. Those gardens (and you!) look lovely :)

  6. Gorgeous photos, I love your skirt x

  7. I wish it was warm enough for outfits like this! I miss this part of town as well, I never go up there since finishing uni x

  8. T-shirts are the best, so easy to wear with anything. I love your leather skirt. I want one.


  9. That is one kickass tshirt! Love how you've styled it xo

  10. Love the mini rebellion, love the t-shirt! :)

  11. That skirt is lovely, what an amazing backdrop too!

    Maria xxx


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