The East-West Divide: East. #GigNics

Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics

Postcode warfare!

The North-South divide is a well-known concept in the UK; my halls of residence last year were a breeding ground for (faux!) rivalry between southern pansies and the grim northerners born and bred above this invisible line. However, this binary opposition is paralleled in the capital, just spun on its axis. Londoners are notoriously defensive of their city, and take sincere pride in their location. Although I currently spend most of my time in NW3, I was born in E11, so can barely show a true allegiance. This weekend I travelled along the London Overground to Haggerston for the Nando's GigNics. And ate lots of chips.

The email saying I'd got tickets served as a catalyst for an an almost incomprehensible stream of texts to my lahndahn lovely Sabby. Both big time fans of Nando's, we always go to the Euston branch when I'm headed to and from Liverpool, so we made the most of the peri-infused atmosphere by treating ourselves to some cocktails (I had a Peri Mary, Sabby a Caipirinha). We sat "chilling in East London sunshine" - my answer to the "sum up today in five words" question. Embarrassment, coming to a video near you soon! The line-up included a few favourites: some I'd never seen before, such as MistaJam, and ones I knew all too well - hello Ed Sheeran! (We'll leave the "I've sung karaoke with Rizzle Kicks" story for another time, as they fit somewhere in-between...) Of course, it wouldn't be a Nando's event without some chicken, so we queued up with some food vouchers we'd managed to procure. Unfortunately I couldn't get a burger - they'd sold out of veggie burgers, boo! - but the chips were very, very much appreciated. Haggerston was the most beautiful location, and in an area I've never had the chance to explore before. Hopefully, as I'm interning in EC2 this Summer, I'll be able to see more of what the East has to offer. Fingers crossed this rain subsides sometime soon! At least both ends of the spectrum agree that this weather is not suitable for summer, what happened to the sunshine?


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Take me back to dear old blighty

royal jubilee outfit royal jubilee outfit royal jubilee outfit royal jubilee outfit cake shop liverpool 
Sheer blouse: £13.50, Miss Selfridge. Pocket skirt: £2, American Apparel via ebay. Leather belt: 20p, charity shop.  Jacket: £22, Primark. Chelsea Boots: £60, Topshop. Bag: gift, Marks and Spencer. Bracelet: gift, H Samuels (one of the baby bracelets!). Sixpence pendant: stolen from mum. Red ribbon: 23p, market. Ring: £1.25, vintage. Lipstick: £1, shade 3, MUA @ Superdrug.

Happy jubilee!

I shan't pretend I've done anything vaguely patriotic (other than eat the delicious cupcake made by The Cake Shop in the last photo that I picked up from Aubin & Wills when browsing), but it's been nice to see so many flying the flag. I did indulge in this Cath Kidston pocket mirror, but otherwise I've been spending my money on making the most of what little time I have left in Liverpool before I return home for Summer. I did give the union flag a little reference in my outfit though. The white is in the form of a blouse I picked up in the Miss Selfridge sale, but, despite loving it, I normally reserve for going out as it's exceptionally sheer. The blue is the navy version of the American Apparel pocket skirt that everyone has (I have it in grey and a pale blue too). And the red is with some ribbon I picked up at the market, secured with a pin, which I covered with a sixpence my mum picked up at my village's summer fair last year. And then the wind decided it didn't like my beehive, but we'll ignore the rather windswept nature of these photos...

After much deliberation, I decided to create a facebook page for this blog. I've always put it off as I like to avoid the "so you take photos of yourself and put them on the internet?" question from my friends, but recently I've started to feel slightly more confident with the content I've been publishing. I would really love it if you could 'like' the page here, and a massive thank you to everyone who has so far!

I'm off to my flatmates from last year's house for movies with something a little patriotic (okay, I couldn't resist) and edible in my bag this evening. Hope you're enjoying the four day weekend, and keeping up with You Know You're British When.


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fiesta bombarda

fiesta bombarda liverpool bombed out church fiesta bombarda liverpool bombed out church fiesta bombarda liverpool bombed out church fiesta bombarda liverpool bombed out church
Double U Dress (worn as top): American Apparel. Suede Skirt: £8, Oxfam. Paisley Bag: £8, Primark. Chelsea Boots: £60, Topshop. Sunglasses: £1, Primark. Necklace: £9, Elsie Belle. Rings: vintage, and c/o Rock 'n Rose. Lipstick: Cockney, MAC.


The less said about yesterday's exam the better (we dissected it beyond belief in Cuthbert's over red velvet cupcakes, my hair still dripping from the walk there). But the day ended in true Liverpool style at the Cavern Club, watching the Merseyrail battle of the unsigned bands in association with bido lito, which Beach Skulls deservedly won, even if Carousel were my favourites.

Still, that's so yesterday. Today the sun is beating down, and the olympic flame is passing through town. To celebrate the start of summer and the "jubilympics", bido are helping to host Fiesta Bombarda at the bombed out church. It seems like half my university are heading down, so it's set to be rad. Starting at four (I am aware it's gone five, ahem), there could be some sartorial difficulties, however I personally find it pretty easy to change from day to night as the only difference is a lack of tights. I do love a pair of 120 denier, but even I can't deal with them in this sunshine and have had the milk bottles out for a good couple of weeks. I thought I'd give a slight patriotic nod to what is, essentially, a conical candle with a red top, but I'm hoping it'll be suitable from six till sunrise. I'm two thirds of the way through my degree - I have to make the most of student life while I can! Good luck to all those still stuck in exam halls. Just remember: keep calm and carry on.


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