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it's cohen - UK fashion blog: What I Wore, brownies, vintage Mustard blouse: £3, charity shop. Leather skirt: £13.50, Topshop. Buckle shoes: Topshop. Canvas shoulder bag: vintage, via Jazzpad. 'Found at Sea' Necklace: Toujours Toi, via She Loves Mixtapes. Bracelet: £11, Made, via ebay.

I'm looking rather mardy in the first photo, but that's what happens when you've been staring at a computer screen all day. You'd believe that to be a blogger's ideal job, but it doesn't half tire my eyes out! I was determined to find somewhere to to take outfit photos when I ventured outside for lunch, and this door was today's victim. There are plenty of wonderful places in London, but there's nowhere secluded enough for me to feel comfortable prancing backwards and forwards in front of the self-timer.

But I think any passer-by would've appreciated that this necklace needed to be photographed. I entered Dina's giveaway without even considering I'd have a chance, but, lo and behold, there's now a ship sailing around my neck! I do love anything nautical-inspired (I've worn my sailor coat far too many times), and I've admired Family Affairs from afar via blogs for many moons, so this is a very welcome addition to my collection. This blouse is perhaps not so special, but it's my latest charity shop score from one that's recently opened nearby. I love the slight Brownies vibe, leading to this post's confession: the revelation that I've always been involved with Guiding, and I passed my leadership qualification before heading to Liverpool. And it has a salute. I wish I had the time to volunteer more, those that can do it alongside a full-time job are heroes! I can barely keep this blog going, but I do tweet and update my facebook page more often! Hope your Summers are all incredibly relaxing, and minus the square-eyes.

And, just for the record, I regretted the tights as soon as I walked out the door.


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

We're flying first class up in the sky

paisely shorts luella owen plummer bag charm french plait topshop adder boots paisely shorts
Silk blouse: £1.50, Per Una via charity shop. Paisley Shorts: c/o Glamorous. Adder heeled boots: £36, Topshop. Leather bag: £4, charity shop. Cloud charm: gift, Luella. Lipstick: Gabrielle, Chanel.

When I started this humble journal of sartorial mistakes, there were many things I wouldn't wear. I've tackled jeans, and the up-do, now it's time for paisley. Glamorous contacted me asking if I'd like to try out a couple of their products, and, despite the Royal Mail's best attempts at ensuring I wouldn't receive anything, these shorts came through my letterbox a couple of weeks ago. They're a little tight, so although they may have been 100% appropriate for my first Essex night out since coming home for the summer, I would recommend going up a size, just to be sure. Check out the new loves of my life in kick-ass leather form that I picked up in the January sales but have only just got around to wearing due to living a few hundred miles away. They'll have to be surgically removed from my feet at some point in the near future.

The weekend (read: the sleep) was very much appreciated, and I had a wonderful weekend with a few people that I miss incredible amounts when I'm at university. It's so difficult finding the time to see everyone during the week, as commuting tires me out more than I imagined it would. I'm slowly getting used to it, however, and am looking forward to seeing  a big group on Wednesday, as well as catching up with some blogger pals at the weekend. Sometimes I think it's a shame that I haven't tried the new flavours of Red Bull introduced for the Jubilee (cranberry, lime and blueberry, so patriotic ⚐) as they'd surely pep me up Queen Liz style. Then sometimes I'm really rather glad I haven't.


Rebecca Cohen | Rebecca Cohen

She was a princess, queen of the highway.

eine r drunken city suits the breakfast club hoxton the breakfast club hoxton
Jumper: £9, Fred Perry via Oxfam. Vest: Fat Face. Floral Print Trousers: £13, H+M. Chelsea Boots: £60, Topshop. Bag: gift, Marks and Spencer. Necklace: £1, Topshop. Rings: vintage, gift, Rock 'n' Rose.

Lunch hour equates to adventure time in my eyes. I went to Brick Lane yesterday and died a little inside at the prices (I swear it was cheap a couple of years ago? Now it's £45 for a fur hat??). I also received frowns/winks as my skirt couldn't cope with the wind. But less chat about my abysmal wardrobe choices, more about the pictures, which portray a slightly more picturesque image of my embarrassing life.

The "R" is a piece of graffiti by the artist Eine. In all honesty, if I hadn't researched his work for GCSE Art, I probably would consider this to be just another piece of wall-art, but seeing this brightly coloured piece of typography whilst meandering along, almost half an hour early, ignited a certain nostalgia for rooms that constantly smell of aerosol and the musicians who had lessons scheduled at the same time playing Wonderwall again, and again, and again... It's enough to make you hate Oasis, before you even know who the Gallaghers are.

If you're more into the Doors, then there's a restaurant that plays Morrison Hotel on repeat. The Breakfast Club may be only five minutes away from where I work, but my friend and I were still unable to finish a pitcher of smoothie in that time. And we really did try. I went once for cake and coffee with my dad on the way back from an Aresenal match (woo! football!! sartalics>), but this time I opted for actual food. And, boy, was it good. I decided upon the apple and cinnamon french toast (considering I dislike both cinnamon and eggs this was, perhaps, a risky option), whereas my friend went for a salmon and cream cheese beigel. I did get slightly confused when they placed a plateful of what was definitely bacon in front of me, but once they'd realised their mistake they were really apologetic, and brought me the correct meal (and an "I'm sorry!" chocolate bar). It is pricey, but you do get massive portions, and the toilets boast the world's smallest disco, which may only be experienced, not explained.

One week down, plenty more to go! I already feel like I know Liverpool Street station like the back of my hand (check it out in the background of the second photo!), and love being the only commuter wearing things outside of the muted greyscale palette.


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