The East-West Divide: East. #GigNics

Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics Nando's GigNics

Postcode warfare!

The North-South divide is a well-known concept in the UK; my halls of residence last year were a breeding ground for (faux!) rivalry between southern pansies and the grim northerners born and bred above this invisible line. However, this binary opposition is paralleled in the capital, just spun on its axis. Londoners are notoriously defensive of their city, and take sincere pride in their location. Although I currently spend most of my time in NW3, I was born in E11, so can barely show a true allegiance. This weekend I travelled along the London Overground to Haggerston for the Nando's GigNics. And ate lots of chips.

The email saying I'd got tickets served as a catalyst for an an almost incomprehensible stream of texts to my lahndahn lovely Sabby. Both big time fans of Nando's, we always go to the Euston branch when I'm headed to and from Liverpool, so we made the most of the peri-infused atmosphere by treating ourselves to some cocktails (I had a Peri Mary, Sabby a Caipirinha). We sat "chilling in East London sunshine" - my answer to the "sum up today in five words" question. Embarrassment, coming to a video near you soon! The line-up included a few favourites: some I'd never seen before, such as MistaJam, and ones I knew all too well - hello Ed Sheeran! (We'll leave the "I've sung karaoke with Rizzle Kicks" story for another time, as they fit somewhere in-between...) Of course, it wouldn't be a Nando's event without some chicken, so we queued up with some food vouchers we'd managed to procure. Unfortunately I couldn't get a burger - they'd sold out of veggie burgers, boo! - but the chips were very, very much appreciated. Haggerston was the most beautiful location, and in an area I've never had the chance to explore before. Hopefully, as I'm interning in EC2 this Summer, I'll be able to see more of what the East has to offer. Fingers crossed this rain subsides sometime soon! At least both ends of the spectrum agree that this weather is not suitable for summer, what happened to the sunshine?


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  1. Omg looks amazing! How did you hear about it? Xxx

  2. Omg looks amazing! How did you hear about it? Xxx

  3. Ah this looks fantastic - Nandos and music what more could you want! (: The North-South divide defines university it's so weird. Everyone thinks my uni is North but it's very very South for me! And don't get me started about the way they treat my accent haha xx

  4. i love this post! <3 it looks like you had an amazing time, and erm... you sung karaoke with rizzle kicks?! if this is true then i shall be forever jealous of you, hehe.

    hope to see you soon! xxx

  5. How have I never heard of this? It sounds like such a great day!! xxxx

  6. This looks like an awesome day out - food and music? Although I've never tried Nandos, apparently the Nandos here in Australia isn't as good.

  7. Hah! I'm a Midlander, so there was a lot of that at our Uni, especially from the people who came up here from further south, we were northerners apparently, much to the annoyance of my friends!
    This looks like it was a really nice time & seems like the weather was perfect for it too. & Nandos veggie burgers are the best aren't they?!

  8. I've always been so amused by this 'divide' ha-ha as a midlander I just sit in the middle and grin ha-ha although I'd rather be one or the other and escape my diabolical accent ;)


  9. Can't quite believe I've never had a Nando's before, I feel a bit out of touch! I think I need to try this veggie burgers asap!

  10. I have eaten at Nandos at my time in England. I miss it now that i'm back home. It does suit that food on a festival day.

  11. no way! nando's and a gig together sounds amazing! love your photos, just started following your blog! xx

  12. I hope the person above hasn't been browsing through your underwear draw.
    Anyway YES on the divide, I went to uni mainly with Northern folk but the odd southerner did get a bit of a bashing, lucky I'm from right in the middle so I escaped it all : D
    This looks like a rather fab day, and why wouldn't it be if there's free food involved? Even if it was just chips.
    Oh and might I say, you're new outdoorsy photos are looking FIT, what camera do you use and I'm assuming you're no longer a self made tripod-er?


  13. Thankyou for your comment - it ment the world

    chicken and music is THE ultimate combo x


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