Twenty facts.

As I'm sure you've seen them around, I don't think I need to explain the concept, and will just hop straight onto the "twenty facts about me" trend. I know it tends to be a Youtube thing, but I haven't quite the voice for video. Instead, please find attached some of the more amusing Photobooth shots I've taken over the past few months.

1. I am currently sat underneath two duvets, in tracksuit bottoms and a massive jumper, listening to The Big Bang Theory emanating from the living room. Fashion goes out of the window when you've been dancing till three am. My whole body protests against movement, so I'm letting it win for the moment.

2. When I first arrived in Liverpool I hated it. Now it's coming close to overtaking London as my favourite city of all time.

3. In my time, I have learnt German, French, Japanese, Russian, and Latin. I guess English counts as well.

4. I have danced since the age of four. Lessons fizzled out during GCSEs, but I miss it more than I could possibly describe.

5. My mum wanted to call me Helen, my dad wanted to call me Dakota. So I was called Rebecca.

6. The first thing I ever bought with my first paycheque was a Chanel lipstick, a dark pink called number 19, and I'm wearing it in most of these photos...

7. That first job was at Fat Face. I may have left when I started at university three years ago, but I'm still in regular contact with a lot of the people I met there, and Harriet's coming to visit in just over a week!

8. Ain't no one coming between me and hummus. No one.

9. The subjects I studied to A Level were English Literature (duh), History, German, and Fine Art - so artsy!

10. I was a vegetarian for just over a year just to see if I could do it. The only things I tripped up on were eating marshmallows once, and vodka jelly, but I'm still pretty impressed with myself.

11. My all time favourite film is Breakfast at Tiffany's. Sometimes I just have to put that on, switch on the fairy lights, and have a good ol' cry.

12. My favourite book, however, is a lot more difficult to choose. Up there have to be The Picture of Dorian Gray, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and His Dark Materials (those three books had the world's biggest impact upon my childhood).

13. I have gained grade five in singing. My "talents" are now wasted on mumbling along to Example.

14. I would do stupid things for Arctic Monkeys. In fact, I have. I travelled to Sheffield from Essex with two friends and got the first train home after staying out all night.

15. I'm a little bit of a hoarder, and form sentimental attachments to the weirdest of things. But why should I throw away that shoebox?

16. I wouldn't say that I'm a perfectionist, but I'm never content with anything I've achieved, even if I receive praise from others.

17. I love to write. That's one of the reasons I started this blog, as a way in which I could share words on a personal platform. I find that university is conducive to finding places to publish work, so I've been helping out a lot with Ellipsis and The Tab (links on the left, somewhere), as well as writing in a less structured manner for other people.

18. I think that Britain is amazing. As I can't afford holidays abroad, I'm trying to make the most of my friends living away from home to stay with them. Next weekend I'm heading to Sheffield, and then there's York in a fortnight.

19. Some people from Real Life (yep, it exists!) may not understand why I blog, but I really do think that it's given me the best opportunities (more coming up on that one soon...), and the absolute best friends.



The world needs fantasy, not reality. We have enough reality today.

ridiculous photo booth tendencies
peter pan collar tee; £12.50; american apparel via ebay. floral denim shorts; £28.80; topshop. cardigan; £63; carven via sample sale (almost cried at spending that much money). masquerade necklace; £9; elsie belle. skull bracelet; £11; made via ebay. blue and gold ring; £8; topshop.
For those of you who may not have noticed, Look Magazine is holding a competition offering the chance to blog front row from their LFW show. And this is my shameless entry for it. (As well as a little bit like an extended "About Me")


summer sun says get out more

the removal of wristbands is painful

liverpool sound city was, yet again, about two months ago, yet i only got round to taking off the wristband last night (that's nothing compared to the brownstock one, that happened last september). my review of it will be published in ellipsis (the university of liverpool magazine), so i shan't post the review here, but instead you can have some of the shots i took on my disposable camera.

ed sheeran at bumper, hardman street

miles kane at st george's hall (see if you notice this on the cover for his single "inhaler"!)

black lips at masque. i got the set list. love.

see you in birmingham!



it's weird to see photos of my uni room again. it took me about two hours to get everything off the walls. and this is proof that i use high tech cameras. there are three exposures left on my current one till i can get that developed and see some incriminating evidence. mate, this is going to be fun.
skirt; £10; topshop. top; £6; primark. st michael's belt; 20p; charity shop. bag; £4; charity shop. made bracelet; £11.50; ebay. socks; £4; asos. customised with a nando's sticker disposable camera; £3 (i think); boots' finest, pal.

(i just have bruises on my elbows now)

i know i'll never be lonely, i've got songs in my blood

blue bell
blue bell

i do sometimes wonder how i manage to have friends. look at these photos. seriously.
and i appear to have really small hands and a pull in my tights.

less than a month and my first year of university will be complete. i don't even know how i feel about that, in all honesty.

dress; topshop, £12. jacket; charity shop; £7.50. necklaces; giveaways/accessorize/topshop. bluebell; the grounds of a church (bring it, lucifer).


why are you dressed so scary?

rebecca cohen halloweenrebecca cohen halloweenrebecca cohen halloween

hallowe'en has an apostrophe in it, kids. remember that.
took another disposabable camera into boots today. my student loan has been spent (all saints and topshop are collective bastards) so it looks like no digital camera until i get my birthday money. bring on december.

dress; topshop. necklace; limited collection@new look.
eyeshadow; urban decay peacock palette. lips; collection 2000 lisptick + mac lustre lipstick in 'cockney'. eyeliner; no7. nails; rimmel.


velvet ballerina

rebecca cohen velvetrebecca cohen velvet

my favourite colour is red, and i love velvet.
(and i did buy this dress before i saw it on claire, just so she knows!)
i appear to have found a place where i can vaguely get a whole body shot... minus my head. so be prepared to see my wardrobe doors gradually get covered as the year progresses.

i'm homesick, but happy.



rebecca cohenrebecca cohen

i don't have a digital camera
my internet connection turns off every fifteen minutes
i lack the ability to take full length photos without looking like i need to be put in care
and yes, i did bring a teapot with me to university.

you get three seconds with photo booth, and here is the consequence. enjoy:

rebecca cohen

top; primark. skirt; american apparel. belt; charity shop. tights; topshop. boots; asos. necklace; accessorize.



rebecca cohenrebecca cohenrebecca cohen

top; topman. skirt; american apparel. necklace; birthday present. tights; primark.

oh, hello university room.

and i've started doing my weird salute thing again. haven't done that since year nine. people must think i'm weird.


at it again

rebecca cohen chanel

rebecca cohen chanelrebecca cohen chanel
chanel, number 19.
i love you far more than i could any man.
(as far as make up goes, i'm also wearing rimmel eyeliner and no7 mascara. i don't really "do" foundation)


in reverse order

heart knuckledustergerman girlsrebecca cohennautical cohennarcissismdebbie harry
1.knuckleduster and peter pan collar
2.deutsche mädels booth not doing a countdown first ebay purchase
5.decent eyeliner
6.dressing like alexa chung with bruised legs
7.debbie harry

what is it about photo booth that turns you into a complete narcissist?

Hello, I'm Rebecca: social media exec, new-ish coffee drinker and loafer-wearer.
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