In many ways, they'll miss the good old days.

Vintage leather jacket: £17.50. Aubin and Wills stripe top: £30. Chinos (in 'Navy' and 'Chalk'): c/o Fat Face. Vintage bag: gift from Jazmine. New Look sandals. Rotary watch. Nail varnish on both fingers and toes were both Nails Inc freebies - winner.

It's not every day you're met with a sea of bluebells. In fact, I can date the last time I visited Blakes Wood as precisely five years ago. Since, I've seen a whole lot more places, and nowhere really compares to here for the mid-May blooms.

Back then, I'd just finished a shift at my weekend job in Fat Face, so it seemed apt for this to be the location for a little blue and white themed post with the brand. I'm queen of packing little for a long time (if I want to, I can also pack a lot), often turning up at a friend's for the night with essentials tightly packed into something smaller than my gym bag. So, when they asked me to pick two things from their holiday shop to style up, I went for the least Summery chinos, on the basis that they're travel-friendly for running through airports and up escalators, yet look good with everything from stripy tees to silk blouses when things are a little more chilled. I probably wouldn't recommend shimmying into the white pair after coming out of the sea as they're a bit see-through, but we all know I feel more comfortable at a bar, swimming in a hot waiter's eyes. Now, all I need is a flight...

On another completely unrelated note, have you started to get into Periscope yet? Find me @rebeccacohen for insights into my day, to hear my not-very-Essex accent and lower the percentage of weird men telling me it's OK to be drunk.


  1. love the leather jacket, you look amazing ! gorgeous photos as well, the location is so beautiful x

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  2. Beautiful photos. I have a wood near me filled with blue bells too!
    Your outfits looks stunning! ♥

  3. gorgeous!

  4. Oh how gorgeous. The photos are just lovely.
    We're actually off to a Bluebell wood today, I'm hoping we manage to catch the end of them in some way. xx

  5. Gorgeous! Cannot believe that leather jacket was only £17.50...what a bargain!


  6. This location is like blogger catnip! I am so going there when I'm home although presumably all the bluebells will be gone....hmm must think of a better plan. Also you look so cute! You truly cannot beat a Breton stripe. Sophie xxx

  7. Very nice photos!!! Great look, like the dark pants more!

  8. Love the breton, especially with the white trousers, I need me some white trousers!

  9. Your blog pictures are always flawless!x

  10. I love stripy tops atm!


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