Isn't it boring when I talk about my dreams.

Primark check coat |
Vintage suede skirt, blogger |
Maldon and Heybridge Basin boats |
French bulldog pocket t-shirt, Topshop |
Primark Spring coats |
Blue Boar Inn, Maldon, Essex |
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Ted and Muffy chelsea boots |
Boat club, Maldon, Essex |
Topshop french bulldog t-shirt |
Maldon boats |
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Primark coat: £30 (old). Topshop french bulldog top: £18. Vintage suede skirt: £8. Vintage bag: 50p. Topshop frill socks: gift. Chelsea boots: c/o Ted and Muffy.

After a weekend spent on a lot of forms of transport, my head's been all over the place; until I've had my flat white from Pret on the way into work, at least. Call it Network Rail Jetlag (or something), but I've spent this week looking a little bit like the crazy tongue out emoji, but we've made it to the weekend - hurrah! So, while I recover and try to act more like I've got an ounce of sanity in there, I thought I'd take a tip out of the last shadow puppets' lyrics and talk about some of the dreams I've had, most of which have little logic to their name.

When I was little, I used to dream a lot about being in mazes. Not necessarily a nightmare scenario (although those happened too), but there were a lot of twists and turns, which I like to thank for my now second-to-none sense of direction.

When in sixth form, I used to be surrounded by people all shouting my name, vying for attention. Thinking back, that seemed to happen when I woke up too. Bloody whatsapp.

More recently I've found it more and more difficult to remember what's going on in that noggin pre-7am. If it were to be reflecting real life it'd probably be a series of colour-coordinated calendars and google docs, but from the strange snippets my brain's decided to cling on to there are locations a lot like Munich's Hofgarten and a lot of walking. Give us a shout, if you fancy decoding that.

And there was that one time I dreamt about being friends with Miles Kane and Alex Turner, but then I read a few more Shortlist interviews in real life and realised that probably wouldn't work out okay.

brb, sleeping for a full eight hours.


  1. Looking fabulous as always Rebecca! That tee is just adorable, who doesn't love tshirts that feature cute lil' dogs! x

  2. In love with that tee!

    Great photos :)

  3. Love that oversized coat - it's the perfect winter-spring transition!
    TV, Turmeric, Tea

  4. This coat looks ace on you, I feel you on the lack of sleep, I am just so tired all the time!

    Maria xxx

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