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Marks and Spencer blouse: £29.50 (also in white). Marks and Spencer skirt: £17.50 (similar). Adidas Spezial: £27. Rotary watch: gift.

No, you aren't hallucinating, those are blue skies over Manchester. The long-running "it always rains when I'm in Manchester" joke wasn't quite so funny when I had soggy feet for a solid two months, but the city got the Spring memo just in time for having my mum up to visit and show her the sights. Although I've been here for a while now, I still haven't managed to pick myself up and visit all the places on my list; I suppose that's what moving airbnbs then having to furnish a flat does to a girl's free time. But with a few days off, this was the perfect time to have a little wander round the streets I can now happily call "home". And I didn't need an umbrella. Little miracles.

Whilst waiting for my mum to finish navigating the M6 (rather you than me), I headed off to Manchester Art Gallery to stalk the pre-raphaelites see what was housed in the beautiful building in Chinatown. Living in Essex, there wasn't really that much to do other than go out for food or shopping, so it's nice to have renowned paintings at my beck and call, just a 20 minute walk from my front door - give us a shout if there are any galleries or museums that I need to see! The rest of the day was spent showing my mum round the city centre, before heading to the James Martin restaurant for some amazing grub to set us up for the night. I'd recommend the venison, although there was a six course taster menu for £30pp, which looked like a popular choice on the tables around us.

Because you're totally allowed to act like a tourist in your own city, right?


  1. I think after reading your posts I'm going to have to book myself a visit to Manchester sooner rather than later!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Paper on Mirabel St! A super cute art gallery

  3. So cute Rebecca, you look stunning as always! I just love that blouse, it's gorgeous x

  4. I love this blouse - M&S have some gems at the moment! x

  5. Love the blouse!
    I'll have to check out the art gallery when I'm next in Manchester.

    Belle in Black and White

  6. I love this outfit! I'm glad you're enjoying Manchester too, albeit rather a rainy city it is probably my favourite (though I am biased)
    There are so many places you need to visit! My favourite gallery is The Whitworth :D x

    India Charlotte♥

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