Superstition ain't the way.

Vintage leather jacket: £17.50. Topshop patterned crop top: £24. Topshop oxblood skirt: £45. Hobbs boots: £40, via warehouse sale. Topshop textured bag: £25. Michael Kors sunglasses. Mum's necklace. Topshop lip gloss.

Look who's totally bought into the seventies. I may have been born twenty years too late, but the amount I listen to Stevie Wonder ought to make me an honorary fifty year old, even if only down to those trumpets. Take my favourite shades (warm tan, olive green and, obviously, oxblood), a pattern best seen on one of Oliver Tate's dad's shirts, my favourite oversized leather jacket and you've got yourself a combination I couldn't even try to resist.

This wasn't the only throwback of the day - and it wasn't even a Thursday! We popped along to Finchingfield, a quaint, rural village in the middle of bloody nowhere, famed for its pastel houses and listed buildings, with a duck pond and Tiptree tearoom thrown in for good measure. We celebrated the first of hopefully many sunny days with a slice of lemon drizzle over tea, and didn't even have any crumbs leftover to throw to the ducks, it was that good.

Isn't it amazing what you do when all the trains to London are cancelled?


  1. That oversized leather jacket is amazing! And that village is so cute, I love your photos! Which county is it in?

  2. Such a beauty Rebecca! You look fab, just too cool girl x

  3. Love this outfit! Great photos x

  4. That top is so fab, love the look! xx

  5. Ah I do love a good potter around Finchingfield! Need to book in a trip sharpish. You look gorgeous Rebecca!

  6. love the leather jacket, you look super gorgeous ! Finchingfield looks like such a lovely place !

    CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

  7. This is what I wish my Sunday looked like, outfit and all. (She says, wearing trackies on her couch)

    - Elodie x

  8. You look awesome here Miss Cohen, I love that top!

    Maria xxx

  9. i wish to start this comment off with the fact that i love that your post titles are lyrics, not enough people do that and it's my favourite thing! next, you gotta be the coolest cat on here gurl! finally, that leather jacket is possibly the coolest i ever did see! i hope you had a lovely time, xx

  10. such a 60s babe, Love the print on your top. You always find such ute towns to potter around in xx

  11. Looove the leather and your little skirt! And such beautiful snaps of the village - I miss weekend jaunts to cute little places like these. Hope you're well and the hangover has been banished, missy! x

  12. You are such a babe! And you make Essex look so good - I love that you're representing ;) xxx

  13. gorgeous photos! love that jacket on you!

    lacee swan

  14. Gah, I want to steal this whole outfit! It's so perfectly 70s inspired and I need that skirt!

  15. such a cute look and I love the look of the village & pub!


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