I got another dream lover.

Vintage Levi's denim jacket: mum's. Oasis faux suede top. Oasis Isabella ripped jeans: £28. Whistles clutch bag: c/o House of Fraser. Keds by Oasis English Rose trainers. Cheap Monday sunglasses. Essie "Sunday Funday" nail varnish.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock and don't follow Oasis on Instagram and Twitter (they're worth a follow, promise ;) ), you might not be aware that we've put our own little spin on the american classic. For once in my life I'm not talking about burgers, even if I did go to Five Guys last night - Oasis teamed up with Keds to create the prettiest pairs of trainers I ever did see. With four different styles to choose from, the English Rose seemed pretty apt for this pale-face, and they've seen me through plenty of hours of events running up and down the stairs at Argyll Street filming a flash mob or two with zero blisters to speak of - toes thumbs up all round!

And if under that aforementioned rock there's no Instagram, this'll be the first set of cherry blossom photos you've seen this year. Most people, however, are probably sick of the pastel pick blooms by now, but how could I resist popping along to Hylands Park whilst the blossom's in full bloom and my new favourite accessories are the shade to match? Wasted opportunity, this was not.


  1. love the bag, it's so lovely ! such a nice look as well x

    CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

  2. Ah loving these photos! So pretty - that bag is lush!

  3. Lovely spring outfit! The shoes are so pretty.
    Emma Xx


  4. This is so gorgeous Rebecca, you look stunning! Those shoes are just so pretty x


  5. so pretty!


  6. I'm in love with that clutch bag! xx


  7. These are such dreamy photos! I LOVE Keds, I'm hoping to buy some stripy ones!

    Maria xxx


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