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River Island tartan dress
how to wear a summer floppy hat in winter
how to style a tartan dress
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Photos by Carmen.

At least taking outfit photos results in finding out more about the area I work in! As I'm sure every other blogger out there has mentioned at some point in the last three months, finding the time to take outfit photos when it's light outside and you have a full time job is, to say the least, pretty tricky. Limiting ourselves to our lunch hour, Carmen and I often end up taking photos in the car park, but this time we went a little further afield (it was a whole five minute walk, if that's not commitment, I don't know what is) and found this little wooded area. Give us two minutes to de-coat and swap hats, and then we were snapping away, much to the amusement of the local dogwalkers.

Anyway, must return to my pancakes and maybe change out of my pyjamas at some point as I'm headed to the alte Pinakothek with friends later. However on trend I'm sure this floral primark number is, I think I'd rather people looked at the exhibition rather than myself.


  1. Rebecca yet a other gem of an outfit!

  2. Great dress and the hat is an amazing accessory :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. that dress is soo nice! You look amazing

  4. Oh I love that dress! So pretty! x

  5. Yes! I think I bought that hat from H&M the other day. That dress and those shoes look awesome together!
    And also... totally feel the taking-photos-in-daylight thing. Must be especially hard here as the sun SETS AT 4.30PM I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

    x Michelle |

  6. That hat is totally badass, I love it (and may totally need to add to my collection now...)! You look incredible, the whole outfit suits you wonderfully!

    Amy at The Girl In The Bowler Hat

  7. In love with your outfit!

  8. ha, I know the feeling. Bloody hate this time of year for outfit photos!

    Love the simplicity of this, you're rocking the check trend like a pro, m'love ;) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. This outfit is amazing, I have such a soft spot for checks at the moment and those boots are so lovely! Also I really like the scenery you chose to shoot in :) xx

  10. Lovely outfit! Love the tartan! x

  11. Lovely dress and boots!

  12. love those boots, not available in my size. SOB xxx

  13. Love the tartan dress and I'm still considering a pair of boots..!

  14. Wow! I love your boots-lovely dress :)

  15. I swear your blog gets better and better every time I peep. I lOVE these boots. I want 'em. Are they comfy?


  16. Lovely look hun
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  17. i love this look! the dress and boots go so well together :)

  18. Hello pretty lady!! Adore your boots & that dress is lovely! x

  19. Love how the hat goes so perfectly with the preppy dress. You look like you've just stepped out of an episode of Made In Chelsea haha. Lovely 'fit darl. xx


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