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Rita skirt: c/o Poppy Lux (now in the sale for £21!). Primark contrast collar blouse: £8. The Kooples leather jacket. Topshop buckle boots: £76.20. French Connection bag: gift. "R" necklace: gift. Topshop "really ruby" lipstick.
Photos by Carmen.

When I arrived home for Christmas, the second thing I did, after put the kettle on of course, was have a look through the post I'd received in my absence. Mostly things like bank statements and "What's On at *insert gallery here*" memos, I also had a couple of red slips meaning I could head to pick up some early presents from the sorting office. The next morning we headed straight down there, I collected them, put them in my mum's car, and promptly headed off to London for a few days of solid drinking, eating, and watching Love Actually. After that, I headed back home for christmas eve drinks, and then christmas day food, and by the time boxing day rolled round and when I put this skirt on for the first time it, unsurprisingly, didn't fit. Cue a promise to never touch carbs again which lasted a whole couple of hours, before deciding to stop being so melodramatic and have the pasta. I find dieting difficult (can you tell? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only blogger who's not a size six, and this is something I'm acutely aware of) as I'm of the "want what you can't have" tribe, so denying myself a whole food group would never work. Instead, I'm making a conscious effort to cook myself more healthy meals, take salads to work for lunch every day so that I'm not tempted by the frankly amazing cheese and ham croissants, and force myself to like eggs. So far, so good, apart from the slight hiccup when Carmen and I ended up at das neue Kubitscheck, but when they have cakes like the one below, surely it's ok to treat yourself a little?

Das neue Kubitscheck munich cafe recommendations


  1. I always love the writing you have along with your gorgeous photos! I think blogging sometimes leaves you thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, I've sat down so many times looking at some of my favourite bloggers wondering how I could get legs like theirs, or hair like theirs or even a life like theirs! But it's important to remember that we are all wonderfully made and perfectly imperfect :) But I feel you on the healthy living front, but do treat yourself to some cake once in a while Rebecca!


    Sade xo

  2. That skirt is so lovely, I love this outfit! and that cake looks delicious

    Julia x

  3. I'm also very aware of myself (particularly my legs) when it comes to blogging but as clichéd as it is, it really is good to show a range of normal body types. All body types are normal, I'm not into the 'real woman' bullshit but not everyone is skinny and the more young girls who see this the better. I don't think promoting unhealthy body shapes i.e. too thin OR too fat is ever a good idea but all us normal ones in between should be seen! I like the 5:2 diet for not having to restrict your diet too much, people talk really well of it. Hannah x

  4. Oh gosh, I struggle so much with why I blog, sometimes, when I'll never be the size and shape I want to :(
    I think this skirt is lovely on you, though. I've never ordered from Poppy Lux but they have some lovely things, don't they?

  5. Crushing on your lipstick Rebecca. Oh I know how you feel, I feel like i'm on the larger scale of most bloggers but i'll never be stick thin as I love my food far too much. How can you ever turn down a burger? Especially from Honest! But I do try to eat healthy 80% of the time as it's too expensive to keep shopping for new clothes so gotta fit into the ones I have! This Christmas though my bum seems to have taken a life of it's own!

  6. looks like your doing a great job as you are in the skirt now! I love blogger like you who break the mold on the stick thin size six. For me you provide much more inspiration on how to dress then they ever will! Also if we have to live in a world without a bit of cake every now and then, then I don't want to be a part of it! Life's too short!

  7. I think you look fabulous lovely! I know what you mean when you think you're the only double digit sized blogger but don't worry you're not. I think you always look fabulous and stylish and life is too short to be depriving yourself of the things you like to eat and do!
    Nina from little nomad

  8. I completely understand what you mean- I KNOW I don't post as much now for that exact reason. I also find it quite embarrassing now shopping in places like Topshop, since it seems to be practically impossible to find a size 14 in there... hence why I keep buying stuff from M&S! Doesn't make me feel like a beached whale! Always nice to see you 'keeping it real' :)

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  10. Rebecca, you look gorgeous! Such a brilliant outfit and that lipstick really suits you! :)
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

  11. Pretty sure I've said it before but that leather jacket is literal perfection... I think I'm drooling!! Look beaut as always, and nothing wrong with a bit'a cake!! x


  12. I guess it's most important to be happy inside, so if you need to try and tweak a few things on the outside to achieve that then it's probably worth it, but in all honestly you look great the way you are. I mean, who could stop eating cakes really?

    Buckets & Spades

  13. I was just thinking how gorgeous you look in all of your photos, you are absolutely gorgeous and I could never give up cake so chomp away my friend, at least I will be there keeping you company! ;)

    Maria xxx

  14. Wow you look really beautiful. I love that look! Great Blog. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me.

  15. When cake looks that good, it's hard to resist! Ahh that leather jacket is what dreams are made of :) x


  16. That Kooples number is incredible, want! Great blog :-)

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