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Topshop oversized blazer: £27. French Connection cream jumper: £21.50. Topshop brown leather skirt: £13.50. Topshop tan chelsea boots: £27. F+F cossack hat: £10. M&S leather bowling bag: £43. Rotary watch: gift. Charity shop fur scarf: 50p. MUA Lipstick shade 3: £1.
Photos by Carmen.

It's definitely getting festive in Munich. Snow falls, I'm using a horrendous amount of hand cream, and there are poinsettia in every shop window. Saturday was the day for our christmas party, and we got a coach from work to a location shrouded in secrecy. An hour and a half later, we were considerably closer to the Austrian border, and we pulled up to the view of snow-topped mountains in Schliersee. A wander round the christmas markets with glühwein in hand involved an inevitable photo opportunity (we were all wearing fur hats!), before heading on a boat out to a restaurant on an island in the middle of the lake for food and drink - who could complain? By the time we were all suitably wined and dined, we headed back to our coach for a trip even further east to a club which we stayed in till the early hours, and it was gone 8am before I collapsed into bed - cue one tired girl the next day (and today!).

Germany is such a beautiful country, but I can't help but get a little excited every time I see the "check in" reminder on my calendar, as there are certain home comforts a girl can't help but miss, even if that is mainly cheddar... This will be the first time I've spent my birthday in another country (it's this Friday, for all of you who may have forgotten ;) ), so it'll be odd not to get the usual caterpillar cake, but it's about time new traditions were made. And when they're in the setting of Marienplatz, I really don't think that's a problem!


  1. Well aren't you just beautiful! You look so cozy and chic and ready for winter!

    Xo, Hannah

  2. Ah Rebecca you do winter dressing perfectly!

  3. Love the hat! Your christmas party sounds so magical, I was thinking polar express but on a coach…? x

  4. You look stunning Rebecca, and that bag is just gorgeous! x

  5. Your secret trip sounds wonderful. So jealous of your adventure xx

  6. Oh gosh love this outfit! That skirt is amazing and the colour of that bag is so lovely

    Julia x

  7. glad to hear you're enjoying yourself so much in Germany :) the boat trip and food sounds amazing! Loving all the fur too xx

  8. The hat and the bag together are so cute.

  9. Aren't you just bloody gorgeous. Love all these colours, you beaut of a lady xx

  10. your hat and bag are perfection! hope you have a great birthday! (next year will be my first birthday in another country as well!)

  11. Owww I hope you're not getting too homesick, all of your photos just look so beautiful. Wish some of that weather over to here yeah? xxx

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