Slumville sunrise.

topshop oversized boyfriend blazer
rotary men's watch
layered gold necklaces
grey navy and black winter outfit
Topshop oversized blazer: £27. Boohoo baseball tee: £10. Carven wool shorts: £69, via Cricket. Topshop anna boots: £76.50. London Retro soho glasses, via MyOptique. Rotary watch: gift. Marks and Spencer bowling bag: £43. Essie "Lapis of Luxury": £6.99. Necklaces: (from top) gift, vintage, and Elsie Belle.

It's dead handy working with bloggers. Nothing quite like asking "photos tomorrow?" as you head out at the end of the day, and know that it's not going to be frowned upon! Luckily I work with Carmen (who took these photos) and Kavita (stood waiting for us to go and get some olive bread, and boy is it worth waiting for), so we're the crazy ones standing outside without coats on while it snows, or, as is the case with this particular set of photos, stand in the cycle lane and have to hop out of the way every couple of minutes. Even if there was a slight risk of bruising, I'm happy with these photos as we somehow managed to procure a little bit of golden hour during our lunch break - it always seems better when I'm abroad!


  1. Great outfit! x

  2. I love that jacket - glad you were able to fit some photos in! I wish I had someone at work to do photos with.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. ooh that little mask necklace is awesome. how nice you have friends to take photos of you, too!

  4. Those boots/shoes are amazing!! Wish my friends weren't bothered when I ask them to take photos haha!

    Julia x

  5. That little mask necklace is gorgeous, as are your photos! xx

  6. Your necklace's are just so pretty! x

  7. absolutely beautiful, beautiful photos! the lighting is supreme xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  8. Love a good oversized blazer, great look! Hannah x

    Eve Wanted a Wardrobe

  9. oooh i love that blazer-coat! you look great! :)


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