Tonight make it magnificent.

Cropped pale blue jumper: £10, Primark. Blouse: £13.50, Miss Selfridge (old). Joni jeans: £30, Topshop. Anna boots: £76.50, Topshop. Socks: Primark (part of pack). Holiday bag: gift, Cath Kidston. Lipstick: MAC Ravishing.

This time last week I was on a train (the novelty of that mode of transport wore of a long, long time ago) heading northwards to visit Claire, Gem, Maria, Sarah and Emma in Birmingham. I can't say I've explored the city too much in my many times visiting as I somehow always end up in Selfridges and the Mailbox, but what I have seen makes me want to find out more about the rest of it. The above photos were taken by Claire just outside the grounds of the cathedral, and I added the typical touristy photo of the town hall - you can't complain about its architecture at all! As I knew we'd be doing a fair amount of wandering around the city, I thought I'd wear a sensible outfit (for once), donning my trusted Topshop anna boots, joni jeans (which I'm actually less than impressed with regarding wear, has anyone else had issues with them once they've been washed?), a cheaper and purposefully less fluffy version of that Topshop jumper, and my "bag that everything fits in" which I've been using since I got it for my birthday nearly two years ago, perfect for carrying pyjamas, playsuits and, um, vodka.

We spent the day wandering round the town centre, before calling into GBK for burgers (come on, we are bloggers) and a catch up. Sadly Emma and Sarah had to leave us after the meal to do important grown-up things like sleep, but the rest of us returned to Snobs for a night of dancing on broken glass and requesting Blondie. Leaving the next morning (read: afternoon) was made substantially better with nachos and orange juice, and I didn't even have any annoying passengers on my train home! This weekend is being spent a little closer to home, as I've just spent the morning making triangular sandwiches ready for a DIY afternoon tea. Thug life, right?


  1. GUURL, you look fine. That blue is so you (rhyme intended).

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. Love love love those boots! Look at all you pretty ladies!

  3. i love that blue! you look stunning (as usual) and i'm falling more and more in love with your photos with each post...
    tanya xo

  4. That jumper looks really lovely on you - I just bought one similar myself from boohoo.

    I live not far from Birmingham and used to work in the Bullring up until a couple of weeks ago so I always like hearing people say nice things about it :) Glad to hear you enjoyed it!


  5. I love that jumper, you look amazing Rebecca! x

  6. Just got home from buying that jumper in white- slightly wishing I'd picked it up in the blue after seeing these pictures though!

  7. Sweet pictures and a great outfit! :)

  8. aaw your photos came out lovely :) xx

  9. What are you thoughts on GBK? I've not had good experiences there so much,

    Buckets & Spades

  10. Adore your jumper, the colour's perfect! You've made me want GBK right now! x

    Hannah /

  11. Love this jumper, It think I'm going to have to go on a search for it. I have one of these bags and it really is perfect for throwing things into for a weekend away, especially vodka x

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  13. Sounds really lovely!! And jumpers are what it's all about now with the cold weather!!
    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  14. It was so lovely to see you and as ever your photos are lovely,. definitely inspiring me to do more with mine!

    Maria xxx

  15. sounds like loads of fun, I've got a few friends who always said how good snobs was. And everyone's hair looks amazing in that last photo!x

  16. Such lovely pictures! I've been to Birmingham once but that was only for a gig so maybe I need to venture up properly for a day of shopping I've heard good things. About the Joni jeans, I loved mine at first but after the first wash they just fell apart I've had to throw them out they lost all their stretch and became so baggy around the knee. Not worth the £36 price tag, I'm trying out the tube pants at River Island next.
    Nina from little nomad

  17. Your skin is amazing, so flawless. Your pictures are really cute too, really relaxed and charming. Also you are friends with Maria and she is great. You have good taste and Hi Maria!!

    Emma x

  18. I've only just stumbled across your blog but your photograph's are so charming and fun. You seem like such a lovely girl (and very naturally pretty one, if that). Look forward to reading more of your blog posts!

    Bekki x

  19. FAbbbulous SHOES! I'm all about black and white shoes!!! INCREDIBLE pics and style! And that baby blue sweater looks soo sweet..sweet like icing on a cupcake! YUMMM!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  20. Aww you seemed to have had a lot of fun in Birmingham; love the outfit; it deffo is sweater weather.
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog; am following you on GFC now; hope you can follow back.
    Afeeyah xx

    New post ~


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