Life's never easy it keeps you guessing as you go.

Leather jacket: The Kooples. Breton: £7, H+M. Joni jeans: £32.40, Topshop. Bally bag: £9.80, vintage shop. Bally boots: £8, charity shop. Necklace: New Look (old). Lipstick: Topshop Mischief.

Despite London's many cafés, there's always going to be a favourite or few of your own. One of my preferred places to rock up to for a smoothie is The Breakfast Club, and Jazmine, Camilla, and I headed to the Spitalfields branch for enough pancakes and french toast to fill even our rumbling tummies. We must've looked an odd bunch, Camilla lookin' cool in white, Jazmine girly in a pink pinafore, and me being, well me, in a striped top and leather jacket, but I couldn't have picked a better bunch to chat over (soon clean) plates with, before heading to Blitz for a quick wander through the rails.

Sorry if you've noticed my slow down in posting over the past couple of weeks, things have been a little hectic here, what with catching up with everyone, a few birthdays, trips to Paris, Isle of Wight, and London, and maybe a frappucino too many. But come Wednesday I'll be speeding my way up to Liverpool for the last time, ready to take the most important outfit photos of my life. Because that's what graduation's all about, isn't it? For the inevitable gown cape selfie, I'll be sharing a few photos on my instagram, so feel free to live vicariously through that.


  1. Rebecca don't you look a stunner! I love the lippie!

  2. Utterly loving the leather jacket! x

  3. You look great Rebecca, and I love your jacket! xxx

  4. miss cohen.. check out that over-shoulder-smoulder you've got going on.. Va Va Voooom Lisette Loves xx

  5. Rebecca you utter babe! You are so beautiful!
    XOXO Sade

  6. Been away from blogging for a while but I love your blog's new look! Very chic, much like yourself :) Enjoy graduation - it is immense fun swishing around in a cape pretending to be at Hogwarts.

  7. Really like the shot of the Gherkin, it's a joy

  8. You look b-e-a-u-tiful! Crying over your gorgeous jacket over here too x

  9. you look amazing in that first pic! I love a bit of Breakfast Club food x

  10. I love that jacket and your jeans look lush!

    Maria xxx

  11. You are so beautiful; I love this outfit on you as well.

  12. Hawt babe Rebecca ;) those subtly ombred jeans are amazing, as is 'that' leather jacket! I think you've finally convinced me to invest in a 'proper' leather jacket to see me through every occasion wear! x


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