You can't just give it away like it means nothing.

Blouse: gift, Hobbs. Skirt: £1.50, Jigsaw via charity shop. Denim jacket: £63, Hobbs. Belt: 20p, charity shop. Bag: £3, charity shop. Shoes: 50p, Russell and Bromley via charity shop. 

Gem recommended I head to Le Marais if I had time, and with my favourite falafel vendor residing there (sorry 3am Camden van, you serve your purpose, but it's just not the same) it was hardly a push to get the metro to Hôtel de Ville and sample that chickpea goodness at L'as du Fallafel again (check out my very happy face in the last photo). Whilst in the area, we also headed to Kilo Shop, one of Paris' vintage shops that sells its wares based on how much it weighs. Unfortunately I left empty handed, but Sabby picked up another belt for her collection. When trying to find a London comparison to the area, the closest I can think of is soho, with bars residing next to cafés, then boutiques such as The Kooples and Sandro happily nestled alongside; it's the kind of place where you're bound to find something worthwhile if you just keep meandering up and down its connected streets, but our feet were getting a little tired, so we headed back to cité université for a bite to eat before heading to Le Poulailler.


  1. You look fabulous, and these photos are gorgeous xx

  2. yaay i love falafels <3 & love the colour of your skirt here ox

  3. Le Marais is my favourite area and I think the soho comparison is spot on. Love all the little vintage shops and it's pretty cheap to pick up a bite to eat there. They also have a few nice pharmacies to pick up all that lovely French skincare. I love that the area still has its Medieval wall and was left untouched when the city had an overhaul in the 19thC. Feels very different to the rest of Paris xx

  4. Oh I really want to go to Paris, it looks like so much fun :)

    Maria xxx

  5. looks great, can't believe I live so close but haven't been as yet

  6. Adore the colour of your skirt - perfectly Parisian!

  7. What gorgeous pictures! I love your outfit too!

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    1. HAHA I posted a comment whilst signed into Richard's Google account... n00b error. Anyway, adorable jacket, I'm totes jels of your Parisian adventures and want to be there again SO BAD. Have you tried paté? Like the country pork kind? You have to get the one with prunes in it, oh my God.

      x Michelle |


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