Dirty old river, must you keep rolling.

18 and East playsuit: c/o fuse fashion. Angora jumper: £6, M&S, via charity shop. Bag: £4, vintage. Shoes: £22, Russell and Bromley, via ebay. Watch: gift, Rotary. Bracelet: gift. Rings: gift and vintage.

I'm not sure quite what's happening, but I think I'm going to need sunglasses. If you read any British blogs, you may have heard that summer may be just round the corner, and we're all rather excited by the novelty of it. I may not be a fan of my legs (go to the gym, Rebecca) but it was necessary to strip off the tights, and leave the house with a spring in my step in the prettiest 18 and East playsuit from fuse fashion, perfectly made for this kind of weather. To celebrate and send me off northwards for the final time, my friend
Harriet and I visited A Cherry On Top, a café we'd both walked past countless times, but never really tried out. Despite it definitely being brunch time, we both opted for cake instead of eggs benedict, which is probably the best morning decision I've ever made. Although those meringues do look good too...


  1. Lovely outfit (those cakes look good too) xx

  2. i love the colour of that jumper (and those meringues look to die for) xx


  3. Lovely post! The cakes look so yummy and I love your outfit!

    Emma x

  4. You look so pretty here, I love the layering of the jumper and that bag is super cute! Those cakes look amazing, I want some right now! xxx

  5. Lovely outfit. Those cakes look delicious (:


  6. That print is a bit pretty isn't it? Though... why the hell would you go for something savoury when there are CAKES LIKE THAT there?? Crazy woman... hope you're living it up in the 'Pool like a crazy person <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. That cafe looks so sweet. And those treats! Drool.

  8. Yummm, my mouth is watering. I want a cake now.

    I love the print of your playsuit, it's perfect for summer-might-be-coming weather!


  9. That shot of the rings is so pretty. Damn: I'm hungry and I want cake now!


  10. what a pretty little place <3 oooh bare legs! I need to whip out the fake tan first.. Love that playsuit!xx

  11. If I had legs like yours, I would be living the dream! Love the slightly faded look to these photos :)

    Maria xxx


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