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it's cohen - uk style blog: ootd, denim, grace face boutiqueit's cohen - uk style blog: ootd, denim, grace face boutiqueit's cohen - uk style blog: ootd, denim, grace face boutiqueit's cohen - uk style blog: ootd, denim, grace face boutique
"R" Initial Pendant: c/o Grace Face Boutique. Pink silky collar tee: £12.50, American Apparel via ebay. Cardigan: mum's. Oversized blazer: c/o Glamorous. Jeans: £13.50, Topshop. Boots: Stylistpick.

If all goes to plan, this'll be published whilst I'm across the channel in my friend's Versailles-esque halls of residence and we're feasting on macarons. Right now (time is wibbly wobbly, so just go with it) I'm sat in my leavers hoody painting my nails in Barry M's "Bright Red" and listening to The Last Shadow Puppets live at the Electric Proms circa 3am - who needs sleep, eh? Speaking of, these photos were taken by Georgia (founding member of team brie) as we had a Cuthbert's to sort us out the morning (who am I kidding? Afternoon!) after our Christmas ball. Tutti frutti cocktails and tequila all round. And round. And round. Well, I had just submitted my last essay of the year!

In a slightly more demure setting, we had a little chat about last night and the last term in general. The consensus was complete disbelief as to how quickly time has passed. In the past three months I've read more books than I'd care to total, ended up going on a night out with the cast of Desperate Scousewives, published issue six of Ellipsis magazine as design co-ordinator/InDesign extraordinaire, dressed as Anne Frank (yeah, no outfit post there, sorry about that), worked at the mobos and its afterparty, became fashion co-editor of The Tab Liverpool, and I've met even more rad people in the process.

On a completely unrelated note (or more related, depending on to what extent you consider this to be a "fashion blog"), I'd like to point out my necklace. Emma from Grace Face Boutique surprised me with an email a couple of weeks ago, and I spent a good while flicking through her etsy store, wishing I had pierced ears so that I could justify getting these shield earrings. I do love how the pieces are run in limited editions and handmade in the UK, especially after reading Lucy's article in Wish magazine highlighting the importance of buying locally. Trust me, while I'm in Paris I'll be making the most of the local pastries - à bientôt!



  1. You look gorgeous! Such a lovely outfit, and I love the colour of you t-shirt! It's so pretty! xxx

  2. You look AMAZING GIRL. Hope you're having the most bien time (I think that means good) xxxxx

  3. mm i'd love to be feasting on macaroons right now! sounds like you've been having a busy but amazing time :) ox

  4. I know you're in Paris and this will seem a bit irrelevant right now but
    OHMYGODOHMYGOD YOU WENT ON A NIGHT OUT WITH DESPERATE SCOUSEWIVES? Did you meet CHLOE?! I wish I could act cool and pretend this is sarcasm but it's not. Reality tv is my kryptonite.


  5. Aw so pretty! I love the colour of your coat! x

  6. That necklace is look great

  7. ooh hope you're having fun gallivanting round Paris, la ville lumiere :) Love this blazer on you, gorgeous! <3 xx

  8. Wow! Love that outfit. You seem to have such an exciting life!

  9. wibbly wobbly timey wimey! I was just watching the Dr Who episode Girl in the Fireplace and thought of you and your trip :) xx

  10. Okay, there's a cornflower-blue Peter Pan collared top in the $10 shop I pass on my way to work that I've been holding off buying. I think I need it now after seeing you wear this.
    Also, I am ridiculously jealous of you being in France right now. I've been missing it for a while. Amuses-toi bien et n'oublies pas de manger trop de fromage! Hopefully my French hasn't escaped me too much!

    x Michelle |

  11. Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris, I am very jealous!

    Maria xxx

  12. You look lovely!
    Have an amazing time in France :) x

  13. i hate realizing how fast the time has passed because i generally never do anything productive omg :S

  14. Awh you look gorgeous, lovely outfit!

    Hope you have a lovely time

    Ellie xo
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