Stuck in speed bump city.

it's cohen - uk style blog: pussycat london, ootd, sixties style, liverpoolit's cohen - uk style blog: pussycat london, ootd, sixties style, liverpoolit's cohen - uk style blog: pussycat london, ootd, sixties style, liverpoolit's cohen - uk style blog: pussycat london, ootd, sixties style, liverpool
Navy lace dress: c/o Pussycat London. Navy cardigan: mum's. Horse belt: Primark. Ballet flats: 50p, Russell and Bromley, via ebay. Saddle bag: vintage, via Claire. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Watch: Rotary. Sailor coat (finally sewn back together!): £63, Topshop.

Whenever I have to do the (two hour round...) walk to the Post Office to pick up parcels, I always feel obliged to travel the scenic route along the canal. I've taken outfit photos here a couple of times before, but can you ever really have too much of a pretty thing?

Wearing my new Pussycat London crochet dress, with a(n admittedly bumpy) beehive and slick of lipstick, I felt rather ladylike for a few hours. Surreal experiences aside, it is also seriously comfy when you're wrapped in your duvet surrounded by a textbook fort, which is a common occurrence right now. I hope you're all sniffle free and enjoying your advent calendars!



  1. Lovely outfit! And your pictures look amazing! Loving your scarf too! xxx

  2. These photos are so beautiful I could cry.

    Greta xoxo

  3. definitely a great place for photos! love the crochet dress, and the beehive looks fab, I've yet to work out how to do one.. xx

  4. i've been inspired by your tartan scarf situation, picked one up in tkmaxx this week

  5. Gorgeous pictures, I live near a canal too and the scenic route always wins (even though it adds a good 10 minutes extra onto my journey into town).
    Kaz x

  6. Aah such a gorgeous little scarf!

    Do enter my little Chelsea Doll, River Island, Miamica and Nails Inc giveaway if you get a wee moment !

    Enter here if you want !

    Love Shona x

  7. looking lovely :)not seen pussycat london before but they have some nice 60s shape dresses on there xx

  8. This is lovely. I really like your tartan scarf!

    Definitely a pretty place for outfit photos, it looks lovely there! I'm all for taking the scenic route.


  9. Hey Rebecca! I love your beehive, bumps or no (if they're there it's totally not obvious). Also digging that tartan scarf! Lovely outfit overall.

  10. You look lovely, and it is a very pretty route, a long way to go for parcels though!

    Maria xxx

  11. I love everything about this, so adorable and looking very cozy!! :)

  12. Love the hair, so wish I could pull this off x

  13. i love that you always travel the scenic route <3

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