it's cohen - uk style blog: wiwt, ootd, winter fashion, laura lees, tartan scarf it's cohen - uk style blog: wiwt, ootd, winter fashion, laura lees, tartan scarf it's cohen - uk style blog: wiwt, ootd, winter fashion, laura lees, tartan scarf, remembrance sunday, poppy it's cohen - uk style blog: wiwt, ootd, winter fashion, laura lees, tartan scarf it's cohen - uk style blog: wiwt, ootd, winter fashion, laura lees, tartan scarf
Camel coat: £10, Marks and Spencer via charity shop. Tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Hat: £10, vintage via Cambridge vintage fair. Black blouse: £1.50, vintage Next via charity shop. Checked skirt: Laura Lees for Topshop (old!). Leather belt: 20p, charity shop. Black satchel: £16, Interna├žionale. Chelsea boots: c/o Stylistpick.

The memory of a person who has died or a thing of the past surviving in the minds of others.

I went home for a few days over reading week, and traipsing round the suburban town couldn't help but make me reflect on the past few years I've lived there. I never thought there would ever be a time when I could call Liverpool "home", but treading paths oft walked made me realise to what extent I've outgrown the town I've spent the past nine years of my life, and the way it contrasts with its northern counterpart. I adore Essex; the green spaces, roofs climbed, pubs frequented, and barmen befriended combine to create a place that acutely displays my teenage years, yet there's still a distinct difference. It will always be home, but the initial action of getting out, despite its difficulties, shows just how beneficial change can be.

That, or I've been reading too many Romantic landscape novels about fits of sensibility and gesture. Whatever.

In regards to the title of the post (and the horrifically pretentious English student-ness of the vocabulary tag), it is, of course, Remembrance Sunday. After meeting some Americans last week who asked why everyone was wearing "those flowers", it made me wonder how much the poppy has become an institution in itself; perhaps a motif as opposed to a symbol. Natalie wrote a genuinely interesting article about its purpose, which is worth a read. Two minutes a year is all it takes to remember the past, and it would be a true mistake to forget.



  1. Lovely outfit , you look beautiful! Great title and post too xxx

  2. I love that skirt! Lovely post

    Julia x

  3. You look lovely in this outfit! I also really like the location! Such a sweet post xx

  4. fab photos. you have some amazing charity shop finds there :) x

  5. lovely outfit and post :) Hope you've had a nice sunday !

    Beautiful Dreams

  6. it's very important for us to remember, it's hard to imagine what it must have been like but i had so many images running through my head this year. i almost forgot where i was. i've outgrown my town, i'd be out in a shot

  7. This is such a lovely outfit! I love how you've styled it :)

  8. This is a beautiful post <3 I love your outfit, very befitting for today.
    Liverpool's definitely a brilliant place to be able to call home. Its always going to own a huge part of my heart, despite me choosing to leave it for Leeds.
    Kaz x

  9. I've got a Laura Lees dress from when I worked there, was my fave bit of uniform. Need to dig it out! I didn't go far away to un but I still feel like Cardiff is my hometown and not Blackwood x

  10. Cute and chic!

  11. I LOVE that coat and scarf combo. Dreamy!


  12. you know what, everytime i look at your photos cohen, i always think how amazing you are for taking these in the public. either that, or you have a huge garden you're not telling us about ;) haha.
    love the outfit you cute little lady xx

  13. You ooze english country chic...

  14. You look beautiful!

  15. You look lovely! Remembrance Day I find so overwhelming, just trying to comprehend how many died just boggles my mind!

    maria xxx


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