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it's cohen - uk style blog: liverpool, ootd, wiwt, autumn fashion, tartan scarf it's cohen - uk style blog: liverpool, ootd, wiwt, autumn fashion, tartan scarf
Camel coat: £10, Marks and Spencer, via Oxfam. Lambswool tartan scarf: £8, ebay. Silky shirred skirt: £30, American Apparel. Thigh high socks: Primark. Chelsea boots: c/o Stylistpick.

I gave in and finally put on a pair of tights. And then went the extra mile and added some long socks to the mixture. Paired with my two most recent purchases, I think I look pretty darn autumnal. The coat was a bargain from Oxfam (£10? For a nearly new M&S coat? And it almost fits??), and is so comfy I couldn't care less about whether it's a flattering shape or not. The scarf was purchased as the result of seeing Livvy wearing hers, immediately asking (probably in capital letters) if she could send me a link, and it was soon winging its way up North to cooler climes.

I write this sitting in bed with a cup of tea, looking up fireworks displays for tomorrow evening. However much I love Sefton park's renowned display, we're thinking of heading to Newsham park instead, due to its closer proximity. Are any of you planning to spend the fifth of November freezing in a field, unable to see the pyrotechnics through your frozen breath? However much I adore fireworks, they always have a knack of coming round on one of the coldest days of the year!



  1. i'm desperate for a tartan scarf, you've pushed me over the edge to go get one


  2. Love the scarf, might have to get myself one too! London is quite annoying for fireworks, they're all quite far out where there's more room, which is unfortunately not that easy for me to get to =| enjoy though! xx

  3. UM! Hi bargain coat and scarf! Congrats to you on those beauties, love them!

  4. you got a bargain with that coat. Such a good colour because it goes with everything. I've been wearing my tartan snood a lot recently and ight buy a back up for when it starts going bobbly x

  5. Love that coat, what a bargain! You look loveeely


  6. Camel coats are my favourites, I've got two but I always eye up more! Yours is gorgeous, & such a bargain! xo

  7. Very autumnal, the scarf makes it and I'll most probably be getting my hands on one as a result of seeing you in yours! Unintentional enabler. Oh God, might cry, I'd love to be seeing the Sefton Park fireworks!! Have a good night wherever you go! x

  8. We'll be going to Sefton Park's display as it's right on our door step, can't wait! I've made Parkin especially :)

  9. I love the socks with the tights. I'm not going to any fireworks this year, though I wish I was x

  10. I love your outfit! You're so adventurous with your picture taking too, I'm way too much of a gimp to take pictures on campus like you do- maybe I need to start. Keep up the stellar work! Xx

    this outfit is bloody gorgeous, like your face.

  12. Love your look here :) and im going to a firework display tomorrow too, cant wait! x

  13. LOVE this autumnal look on you, it is super cute!

    Maria xxx

  14. Wow 10 dollars or should I say pounds?? Euroes? For a winter coat not bad! Cute and certainly cost effective outfit

    Ali of



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