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Jumper: £9, Fred Perry via Oxfam. Vest: Fat Face. Floral Print Trousers: £13, H+M. Chelsea Boots: £60, Topshop. Bag: gift, Marks and Spencer. Necklace: £1, Topshop. Rings: vintage, gift, Rock 'n' Rose.

Lunch hour equates to adventure time in my eyes. I went to Brick Lane yesterday and died a little inside at the prices (I swear it was cheap a couple of years ago? Now it's £45 for a fur hat??). I also received frowns/winks as my skirt couldn't cope with the wind. But less chat about my abysmal wardrobe choices, more about the pictures, which portray a slightly more picturesque image of my embarrassing life.

The "R" is a piece of graffiti by the artist Eine. In all honesty, if I hadn't researched his work for GCSE Art, I probably would consider this to be just another piece of wall-art, but seeing this brightly coloured piece of typography whilst meandering along, almost half an hour early, ignited a certain nostalgia for rooms that constantly smell of aerosol and the musicians who had lessons scheduled at the same time playing Wonderwall again, and again, and again... It's enough to make you hate Oasis, before you even know who the Gallaghers are.

If you're more into the Doors, then there's a restaurant that plays Morrison Hotel on repeat. The Breakfast Club may be only five minutes away from where I work, but my friend and I were still unable to finish a pitcher of smoothie in that time. And we really did try. I went once for cake and coffee with my dad on the way back from an Aresenal match (woo! football!! sartalics>), but this time I opted for actual food. And, boy, was it good. I decided upon the apple and cinnamon french toast (considering I dislike both cinnamon and eggs this was, perhaps, a risky option), whereas my friend went for a salmon and cream cheese beigel. I did get slightly confused when they placed a plateful of what was definitely bacon in front of me, but once they'd realised their mistake they were really apologetic, and brought me the correct meal (and an "I'm sorry!" chocolate bar). It is pricey, but you do get massive portions, and the toilets boast the world's smallest disco, which may only be experienced, not explained.

One week down, plenty more to go! I already feel like I know Liverpool Street station like the back of my hand (check it out in the background of the second photo!), and love being the only commuter wearing things outside of the muted greyscale palette.


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  1. That's so cute that they brought you an "I'm sorry" chocolate bar! :) Those trousers are lovely - I'm a sucker for anything floral.

    Love your style of writing so much - really enjoyable to read <3


  2. the trousers look lovely!

  3. That so cute about the chocolate bar! Love the trousers.

  4. so jealous, exicting london times. My commute is on the Ebbv Vale to Cardiff line and a woman always eats a pastie and drinks red bull first thing in the morning, gross! x

    1. NO. As much as I love each individually, they must be eaten separately. How does she even do that?? xx

  5. This is my future - commuting on a train doing the same as you brightening up the world of dull dull suited people. I actually think commuting may be the best thing in the world, but I do say that now when I'm still finishing my degree and only get trains that aren't busy on my way back home...I may change that idea once I actually commute. And I can completely relate to that music lesson scenario, I was unfortunate enough to take music GCSE and managed to learn all the words to the Rumble Strips' Girls and Boys in Love, as well as how to play it on the keyboard thanks to one over zealous student... (: haha xx

  6. pretty cool that you recognised the big R from research you did at school, handy!

  7. This is the second time this week I've seen something about The Breakfast Club. It was on my to-do list for when I was in London last year (purely based on the name alone) yet I still forgot *face palm*

    Funny about the Wonderwall thing. When I was at Glasto last year, it seemed that every camper with a guitar would play Wonderwall. Over. And over. And over. It got to the point where my (Aussie) friend and I were making "you know you're in England when..." barbs. I also wanted to ask them if they knew any other songs, but maybe the just didn't? ha.

  8. I SO WANT TO GO TO THE BREAKFAST CLUB! All of these places I've heard so much about and have never visited in London, still on my to-visit list. I miss my school art days too, I used to live in the art room (and always use too much of their uber expensive acrylics) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. Those floral pants are quite awesome.

  10. You got those trousers O_O Oh man, seriously jealous I searched all my nearest stores for them and they were gone and sold out online, they're gorgeous man! x

  11. Glad to hear I'm not the only one suffering from skirt/wind problems. Add hair and lipstick to the mix and it isn't a pretty picture (literally, it was nightmare taking blog photos today!).

    Becky @ x

  12. cute pants!your style is so free, love it
    new follower allert :)
    You can check my blog and maybe follow back if you like it :)


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