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I only really own four pieces of "proper" designer clothing, and none of them are really clothing, as such.
A brooch (as seen here), a purse, and two key rings.
All of them are special to me in a weird way, not because they remind me of anything in particular, but because I feel like I'm genuinely helping a small brand that not everyone knows. A love that my best friend and I share.
To find out that Luella had ceased trading last November was a shock, but to actually go onto her website today and see a completely blank page? Well, that's just weird.
For now, I guess that Lover and Patouf will have to do, but neither Sweden nor Australia is quite as exotic as Cornwall ;)

Collage: made by me using images from No prize for guessing my favourite collections
Print: Owen Plummer for Luella London Underground poster during LFW last year
Luella Bartley and Alexa Chung; God knows


  1. love it, so perfect

  2. great collage!


  3. thank you for your outfit suggestion :) I love luella too! and i agree, maybe a black bag would get more use out of it after the prom :)
    nice blog :)


  4. we also wish we were alexa chung.

    she's so groovy

    S + A


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