greet me like a long lost friend

Picnics, rounders, short skirts and wine....
It's Summer.
(And about fucking time)

(The girl on the left is Illustrate My Pillowcase)

A day spent celebrating femininity (or something like that) whilst ignoring the Masters and McMuffins with friends new, old, and forgotten.
Prowling the streets: the menaces of society wearing floral skirts and bearing rosé. And a cricket bat.
Avoid the cow pat and mark out a pitch with small piles of hay, and a victory glass on the fourth base, a true reward.
It's always nice to spend a day with people you love, rather than textbooks you hate.

If you can see me in the last photo..:
T; Paris... somewhere
Skirt; Topshop (again)
Socks; Topshop
Shoes; Fat Face


  1. Such a good day! bring on the summer! :)

  2. definitely bring on the warm weather!!!

  3. in Rome we are also having a good time.. it's spring.. perfect for a picninc, too!

  4. adorable pics and adorable blog! j' to go read some more now :-D

    xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new follower in Paris

  5. You're adorable. Looks like the best time, ever. ♥


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