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eBay blanket cape: £19.99. Rust playsuit: c/o lessthantenpounds.com. Karen Millen boots: £25, sample sale. Mac "Ravishing" lipstick.

Could you be any more cliché? I may be minus the red cup and faux fur hat, but this girl loves a theme. If there's one theme that keeps cropping up when I think about this blog, poor segway aside, I sometimes (read: quite a lot of the time) wonder whether there's much point of keeping this blog going; I don't have the best photos, don't really 'know my angles', only just about keep blogging regularly and weep a little bit every time the mail app starts on my laptop. Yet I know there will always be that "what if?" part of me (and that "you better not bloody give up, you weakling" part of me) which pushes me forwards a little bit longer. I try new ways to take photos, and hope to have improved just a little from last year and the year before. I try new things, even if it's simply adding a bit of information about where the photos were taken or adding in more lifestyle elements. And, possibly most importantly, I try to pop something up I'd like to read myself. Whether it's four paragraphs cracking jokes about dressing like Blair Waldorf or a set of photos that are so tumblr it makes me feel a little queasy, I do hope there's a little something to make you smile. Even if I'm not able to produce a pumpkin spiced latte. Which are disgusting, imo.


A day at the races - win Newbury Racing tickets and a John Lewis voucher!

newbury racing tickets competition
newbury races premier tickets

Here's your ready-made excuse to dress up. I'm heading off to Newbury Racecourse with my BFF at the end of the month and the lovely lot there have offered you the chance to come along too. They'll even throw in a £30 John Lewis voucher (do. not. think. of. #ManOnTheMoon) to help add a little somethin' somethin' to your outfit. I've only ever been to the races once before, but really relished the opportunity to don a posh frock and dust my heels off. If you're anything like me, the days of getting dolled up for a night out are well and truly over, instead plucking for something a little more casual in order to ensure a evening dancing into the next day. Fancy the opportunity to treat yourself to some new shoes? Have a look at the widget below and try your luck.

One of those 'but I never win competitions' sorts? No fear. Use the cheeky code FUN15 for £5 off Premier or Grandstand admission on the Hennessey Gold Cup Day (28th November - same day I'm going!) when you purchase through this link or call up on 01635 40015. This means your save £ on tickets and gives you a little something extra to use at the bar instead. Excellent.

enter to win


They can't love me like you.

swans maldon river blackwater
swans maldon river blackwaterswans maldon river blackwater
swans maldon river blackwater
Topshop knit (old, although this is pretty much the same). Oasis faux leather skirt. Karen Millen boots: £25, sample sale. Marks and Spencer bag (old). Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique.

Going out with students for Halloween? Feeling a bit old? The best way to cure this malady is to make sure you spend the day where you lower the average age by quite a few decades. Battlesbridge is a little village in Essex, known for its antiques centre and weird sticky outy building, and OAPs can't get enough of it. The higgledy piggledy stalls are host to an odd array of anything you can think of, and I am rather a fan of the crap taxidermy you can find nestled in the back of a fair few stands. We came home empty handed this time, but I definitely had my eye on a few of the old bookshelves and cabinets, perfect for someone who's got plans and schemes for their room... 

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