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swans maldon river blackwater
swans maldon river blackwaterswans maldon river blackwater
swans maldon river blackwater
Topshop knit (old, although this is pretty much the same). Oasis faux leather skirt. Karen Millen boots: £25, sample sale. Marks and Spencer bag (old). Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique.

Going out with students for Halloween? Feeling a bit old? The best way to cure this malady is to make sure you spend the day where you lower the average age by quite a few decades. Battlesbridge is a little village in Essex, known for its antiques centre and weird sticky outy building, and OAPs can't get enough of it. The higgledy piggledy stalls are host to an odd array of anything you can think of, and I am rather a fan of the crap taxidermy you can find nestled in the back of a fair few stands. We came home empty handed this time, but I definitely had my eye on a few of the old bookshelves and cabinets, perfect for someone who's got plans and schemes for their room... 


  1. I have spent many happy hours at Battlebridge. All hell will break lose when I finally have my own house to decorate! Love it there and love your outfit girl!

  2. Forever in awe of your photography Rebecca! And I love how you're always visiting cute little places, you inspire me to get out bit more haha

    Tasha xx

  3. Loving that jumper Rebecca!! And what an adorable place, you've photographed it so beautifully! (:

  4. That jumper is gorgeous on you, I really love that colour!

    Maria xxx

  5. I love Battlebridge now but I remember being dragged there was a child by my antique-loving parents and being so bored! Love your jumper - the collar detail is so pretty. x

  6. I love the collar and necklace together, so beautiful!

  7. I love the collar and necklace together, so beautiful!

  8. I love the collar and necklace together, so beautiful!


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