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Oasis floral denim dress: £5, via sample sale. Vintage bag: 50p. Clarks two tone sandals: c/o Cloggs. Little Nell key necklace. Ralph Lauren sunglasses. Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet: gift. Rotary watch: gift.

Another Saturday, another pub lunch (FYI, this time I went for a burger instead of fish and chips, and only realised that I hadn't photographed it when I was halfway through. Tough luck, pals). Yesterday we were told to make the most of the sunny weather as Bertha's due to have her stormy ways today, so we vowed to spend as much of the day outside as we possibly could. Sandals were a must, but I fancied a change after wearing my asos ones to death, and debuted my new Clarks ones from Cloggs. I like the patent toes on these ones, which make them slightly more transitional than my woven pair, and they look a lot, dare I say it?, classier to boot (clearly got chelsea boots on the brain, despite the weather...). I do need to wear them in, but Clarks shoes will always be comfy, so these two will be sticking around for a while.

Since I started at Oasis, I've found myself surrounded by pretty prints and girly cuts, and it seems to be slowly making its way into my wardrobe. Of course, a sample sale is going to help that along nicely, and this denim dress was the first thing I picked up when confronted with a car park full of rails - fate, amirite? I don't think it ever made its way into stores so I've picked out some similar styles below because I'm not that much of a tease, but I love the muted floral print of this one and the shape may even tempt me out of smock dress territory on special days.

Also, that penultimate photo features what looks like a rabbit in the tree bark. Yes. Yes it does.


Crème de la crème.

Crème de la crème sweater: c/o WearAll. Jack Wills blouse: £4.50, via charity shop. Asos petite Ridley jeans: £30. Vintage Bally boots: £8, via charity shop (similar). Missguided fedora: £15. Rimmel lipstick. Mavala nail varnish.

As far as obscure Saturday activities go, heading to a quaint village set on the banks of the Blackwater estuary to watch a carnival of sorts has got to be up there, but the difference sure did make a welcome change from hurried walks between Liverpool Street and Old Street. So, one free Saturday morning we headed off to see what the Maldon Carnival was all about - via a Mr Whippy, of course! Minus the one Rio-themed group, this is a far cry from Notting Hill's annual effort, and instead focuses on what the local community's been up to recently, so cue cute dogs and rugby lads which isn't a bad thing in my eyes. Finish things off with a brie and bacon sandwich (my favourite, for the record), and it wasn't half a bad day for one we'd stumbled across when browsing through the local paper that morning.

In true foolish style, I decided to ignore the nice weather and wear my new crème de la crème sweater. I knew I had to pick it up the moment I saw it on Jennie (who's blog you need to check out now!), and I am purposefully going to ignore that the accents are the wrong way round because it's so perfect, and a darn sight cheaper than the Whistles one I adore. Let's just say, at least I'll be ready for when the temperatures suddenly drop.

My evening skincare routine.

my evening skincare routine
soap and glory body butter
vichy pureté thermale cleanser

Every time I write a beauty post, I like to reaffirm that I am not a beauty blogger, know absolutely diddly squat about make up, and instead tend to fill my "reviews" with sarcasm and test products in a rather obscure way. I only really religiously read two beauty blogs (looking at yours, Kate and Ellie), and instead form my decisions about what I put on my face by what happens to be on offer when I head into Boots or am feeling reckless browsing Feel Unique. I have, however, found a few products which I absolutely adore, and thought you guys might be interested in something of a little insight as to what I do on autopilot when I'm absolutely cream crackered.


On a normal night, I'll use the Bioderma Micellar solution (or whatever it's called) first, then double cleanse with my Vichy Pureté Thermale cleanser. The Bioderma is absolutely amazing at removing make up, and despite its claims of being for sensitive skin I do find that it dries mine out a little. I did try to use the Vichy one on its own, and it tends to be the one I throw in my gym bag as it's a pretty secure little tube that won't explode in my bag, but I wouldn't say it's the best at removing make up, but better at actually cleansing the skin. When I use the two together, they kind of equal out, and my skin feels squeaky clean without needing any extra moisture (but don't worry, I do moisturise too!).
Of course, my favourite Liz Earle cleanse and polish is still included, but I don't really use this every day, I instead use it when I feel like my skin needs that little extra bit of lovin' or if I've got the extra time.


I don't tone (can't be bothered, and I've never seen any benefits when I've tried samples of the stuff. Remember the whole "not a beauty blogger" thing), and instead skip straight to the moisturising step. I use Lush's bubblegum lip scrub when I remember, but I probably won't repurchase as it's pretty easy to make your own. I will give it its dues though, it smells and tastes amazing, and has lasted me absolutely bloody ages.
I then use the Kiehl's ultra facial moisturiser which I picked up during Glamour shopping week and therefore had 20% off. It really is super moisturising, but I'm kinda disappointed (and annoyed with myself for not noticing till I got home) that it doesn't have any SPF. Thankfully my BB cream has some, but I much prefer my moisturisers to include it so if I fancy being reckless and going make up free I don't have to worry about exposure to the sun.
When it comes to the rest of me, I'm a bit of a sucker for Soap and Glory's products. Not only is the packaging pretty and it smells amazing, it's also pretty good at what it promises to do. I frequently use the righteous butter body butter and heel genius foot cream to try and combat my horrifically dry skin. During the summer months I try to look less see through by using the Palmers natural bronze cream. I'm a long time fan of their normal body cream (I'll probably repurchase it when all my other body creams and butters have run out) and it's pretty cheap when you pick it up from Wilkos, so was excited to try out the bronzing version when I got a small bottle of it in a goodie bag. Once that had run out, I went to buy the full version as it doesn't smell as bad as other tanning products (although it does tend to hang around for a little bit), and builds up naturally and subtly, whilst still being as moisturising as the normal one.

So, this may not be the post to end all beauty posts, but it's the routine I've fallen into, and I don't think it's doing all that badly. Do let me know if you'd like to see more of this kind of thing, if not it's more than likely I'll leave it a year until the next one (again).

ps, don't forget to enter for your chance to win a Lilylulu kimono!

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