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Photos by Carmen.

Well, that's that. Friday was my last day at Stylight, and it'll be weird waking up tomorrow and not get the U bahn to Maillingerstraße. In the grand scheme of things, six months is absolutely nothing at all, but by the end of my time there I felt like such a part of the team and an honorary Münchnerin that it's going to be weird to head back to the UK next week (don't worry, I've still got a couple of Munich posts to come, you haven't seen the last of it quite yet!). So here's a little shout out, however cringe it may be, to Martijn, Stina, Nina, Willemijn, and Charlee (who has a lovely blog here) and all the other wonderful people I've met along the way, I'd never have learnt to like beer and drink it in maß-ive (hehe) proportions without you. It's not 100% concrete what I'm doing when I get home other than having proper fish and chips, so help a sister out if you're hiring - I make a dead good cuppa. I'm currently undecided as to whether I'll write a round up style post like I posted before I moved here, so if you've got any questions about my Stylight internship, feel free to tweet or email me and I'll happily answer anything from moving to Munich to what I did on a day to day basis to interning at Stylight.

Plus, for your delectation, here are some completely unrelated outfit photos.

My soul you can have it.

Photos by Carmen.

Just a quick "hello, how are ya" from me today as I'm sneakily writing this up before leaving work for dinner (read: buffet, and thus pure joy). I haven't had that much time to take photos recently, so you'll have to do with these ones which were taken a few weeks ago. This is Odeonsplatz, which is in the centre of Munich, and home to my favourite Starbucks in town. I've wanted to photograph it ever since I saw Sarah's photos from her visit, but when the opportunity finally arose it decided to rain; some things never change. And, on that note, tempura's calling my name, but I'll be back with my last few Munich posts and more to say soon!

I got one less problem without you.

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Photos by Lauren.

Okay, I'll admit it, these photos are complete rip offs of Carmen's and Anni's, but when you have somewhere this cool literally just outside your office (one of the conference rooms is just to the left of these photos), then it'd be silly to not use it to your advantage. Or I'm just getting lazier when it comes to finding somewhere to take outfit photos. And, let's be honest, it's probably the latter.

I used to be a real Topshop girl when I was a student and rich (i.e. either had a part time job or a loan, plus student discount), but since its prices have risen and they add a good 15% for the novelty of paying in Euros, I've found myself looking further afield. My mum got me this blouse for christmas, and I've been saving it for a special occasion of sorts, so when the sun decided to shine I thought it was about time I debuted it.

In less sartorial news, I've managed to drag myself away from bed to get to the office to use their wifi as the router at mine's been playing up. Again. I would mind significantly less if Lauren and I hadn't decided to drink a lot of cocktails and end up in Atomic Cafe till closing time and I'd managed to get more than four hours sleep. That's dedication to getting myself into a blogging routine, if ever I saw it. I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

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