Life is simple in the moonlight.

Geometric print blazer: £15.30, Warehouse. Body: £2, Primark. Easy jeans: £35, American Apparel, via asos. Hat: gift, Marks and Spencer. Bag: French Connection. Necklace: Vintage. Ring: £3.50, Topshop. Shoes: 50p, Russell and Broley, via ebay.

It's a bit odd to revisit these photos! Taken when it was quite windy (understatement, I'm clinging onto my hat to stop it from flying off into the nether), to showcase my persistent love for anything navy and oxblood on my old camera, in jeans I've since had to retire (sigh), and a necklace I'm pretty sure I've lost, but they weren't taken entirely in vain. This is just a quick post to say that you may have noticed me excitedly share on twitter and facebook that I'm currently featured on H&M's online source for inspiration, which I guess you could call a blog. If you'd like to read the rest of it, and see me placed alongside Tinie Tempah probably for the only time in my life, you can read it here.

Regarding, you know, life, I'm back in Liverpool this evening, and probably heading straight to the library to finish up an essay that's due on Tuesday, which realistically means having a cuppa on the sofa and waking up early tomorrow. It may be the final term of my degree, but that doesn't mean I don't like leaving things till the deadline - I obviously won't ever learn!

My baby is a ten.

Striped pinafore dress: c/o Shelikes. Grey tee: £3.50, Primark. Denim jacket: £63, Hobbs. Grey jacket: £31.50, Topshop. Belt: 20p, charity shop. Boots: £76.50, Topshop. Necklace: New Look. Watch: gift, Rotary. Bag: free!, Topshop. Lipstick: Mischief, Topshop.

Who doesn't love a good wall? This one is a pretty darn good example, and is located in South West London, just a stone's throw from Jazmine's, where Olivia and I went for a sleepover this weekend. Within minutes of arriving in Clapham, we found ourselves warmed by a good ol' cup of tea (in a Cath Kidston mug, no less!), and having a natter about what's happened since we all met up in Liverpool. Jazmine's room is a little haven away from the hustle and bustle of London life, and left me feeling very sorry for the white walls of my student room, as hers are adorned with images of Audrey and wonderful illustrations by the very talented Ella and Jaymie. Dancing around in my new Shelikes pinafore (sorry, I'm still not a complete convert to the pinny trend, I'm convinced that they just don't suit me) to Beyonce left me with no alternative title for this post. We're well on our way to learning the single ladies dance too...

Outside of the boudoir, we spent our weekend wandering round Battersea, which included a trip to the beautiful Battersea Flower Station (you will definitely see more of this in a post to come), and a stop off at Il Molino on Battersea Park Road for a spot of rhubarb cake, which now comes highly recommended from the three of us! I've never really explored the SW postcode before, so it was a treat to be guided round by a real expert. I do love to find out about new areas of London, as there are only so many times that you can walk up and down Brick Lane! Are there any parts that you think are the best? I'm determined to make the most of the capital whenever I'm in the South, so would love to hear any and all recommendations.


You and me will take control.

Velvet playsuit: c/o Lavish Alice. Denim jacket: £63, NW3 by Hobbs. Oversized blazer: Glamorous. Anna boots: £76.50, Topshop. Bag: Marc B. Belt: 20p, charity shop. Watch and bracelet: gifts. Ring: £2.40, Forever 21.

Oh, to be home! Surrounded by the rolling countryside and have chocolate on tap. It appears to be becoming quite the tradition to head to Hylands Park for Easter, so off we headed for a wander round the pleasure gardens, to see that some of the daffodils look finally ready to rear their yellow heads!

The main issue with university is living between two places that have a fair few miles between them. This Lavish Alice playsuit appeared on my Essex doorstep when I was in Liverpool crying over my dissertation (which I got a mark I'm happy with, thankfully!), so when I saw it sitting patiently on my bed, I knew the perfect way to christen it would be to wear it for roughly twenty-four hours as I headed straight into town for a much-needed catch up on a dancefloor, only to get home about midday the following day. I find that the best way to test an item of clothing, personally. Unfortunately I don't think they have this particular playsuit in stock any more, but I have got my eyes on this pair of shorts - now all we need is some appropriate weather!

And I will leave you with a photo of banana bread mixture, because it's the best thing ever.

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